Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wish Fullfilled

As my pilgrimage draws near, many of my friends including my family member are anxious of my health while in India. I have experience with cold weather, been to places with -26°C and also worked in places with has winter. So in that sense, I know how to take care of myself of cold weather. Of course, besides the cold, the other aspects will be the food. I agree, food is a concern but I am going there only for a few days. I will still be on a controlled vegetarian diet.

This is a wish that I wanted to fulfill sometime ago. While it will certaintly be easier to stay put here because I can get most of the things for my treatment, but this is also a test for myself. With this over, part of the spiritual "burden" will be lifted and fulfilled. Of course, many will not understand and I don't expect them to. Everyone will have to find their own path. It's not that with the wish fulfilled, I will die. Far from it, it means that I can now focus on the main thing, to heal myself. As I said before, the journey is very painful from the emotional, physical, physiological and not forgetting the financial aspects as well.

So far my health condition has remained about the same. I looked the same and it is because of this that many still asked my how am I feeling. They don't see any changes, so they don't know if I am alright. It's not like you have surgery and when you recover you can walk. In my case everything is subtle and the only thing that can really confirm me health is another scan. I hope my external outlook is a reflection of what's inside the body. Basically, no deterioration is good news.

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