Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All Systems Go

My friend who just came back on Monday from his pilgrimage trip in India has prepared some guidance notes for me. It consists of what to bring, some do and don't and what could go wrong. I am very lucky as he has taken great pains to document all these up. The weather there is cool during daytime, much like in Genting Highlands but it can be a cold in the trains at night and recommended me to bring long johns and warm clothing. We are all ready to go.

Food may pose a little problem for me but I think the vegetarian diet couple with low sodium and oil diet although not recommended will do for me for a few days. My last trip to Hangzhou in mid September 2009, I ate normal food rich in animal protein and survived.

I think my treatment is going on well and the body is responding. I noticed the muscles in my hands are a little firmer. Sitting is now less painful but this could be due to either I got back some muscles in my buttocks or I got used to the sitting. Every morning when I take the morning tablet for my homeopathy treatment, my body reacts after about 30 minutes of consuming the tablet. I get a very hot burning sensation following by reactions on the face (very red) and neck, hands and thighs (pimple like appearance but disappear after about 30 minutes). My weight is stable, my appitite is very good.

My sleep is disturbed because I will get up at least twice for urination. This has probably to do with the kg of guava that I take everynight and followed by an oatmeal. As a result I feel very tired during early morning. I will have to find a way to overcome this problem. Of course, one quick way out is to take short naps between the juicing. The other problem I am facing is my mouth ulcers. It keeps coming back and has been haunting me for the past one month!

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