Friday, December 4, 2009

Shortcut Blues

My ulcers on at the tip of the tongue and on the basement of the gums and below the lips has started to developed. It's a little painful but I can still eat well for the moment. I think I may have a slight infection on my anus and it's a little painful during the insertion of the tube despite applying KY gel. It's a burning sensation and I think it has to do with having the coffee inserted too quickly. Of late, I had deviated a little by placing the bucket at 30 inches high instead of the usual recommended 18 inches high. Of course I will have to correct this. The lesson learned is that somethings cannot be shortcutted! I had planned to skip tonight's coffee enema to rest but I have a little stomach upset. So I decided to proceed as it would help to clear the stomach upset quickly.

I met my old friend together with his wife. She was complaining to me about her neck, shoulder and arms pains that would not go away. Doctors gave her some pills and muscle relaxant pills but it did not work. She started taking some expensive supplements that seems to have improved a little. I suggested to her to try coffee enema and told her I had a similar problem but now it's OK. I told her where to get the supplies and will help her start off by advising her what to do. I hope to report on her progress to encourage more people to do coffee enema. By the way, she is in the late 50s.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a massage. As you know, my back hurts a little and thought the massage would help. Normally I take a two hour massage but this time, I only took a one hour massage as I believe it will be more than enough. I normally request for very strong hands to enjoy some strong pressure point massage but not this time. The whole hour was actually a torture. It was very painful from neck to toe. Since I lost some muscles and perhaps less toxic in the body after detoxing, there is no need for strong hands anymore. Every pressure point was painful and as if not enough, my whole body was aching the very next day.

Now that my India trip is all planned, the next step is the food planning. I will have to research a little and also get a little help from my homeopathy friend who will be also going for his pilgrimage trip 10 days earlier. We had planned to travel together but due to my eldest daughter's semester break, it was delayed by 10 days. As the temple site are all on the outskirts of town, it is important to ensure we eat at hygenic places. I will also need to stock up some dry foods such as organic oats and raisins and bring along some distilled water. I bought a mobile heating element that would allow me to boil water from any steel container. Getting the proper nutrition is important for me. The plan is to eat at vegetarian restaurants, if possible. I will order my food and give special instructions not to use oil, salt, sugar and spices (including MSG). I will ask an Indian friend to write out in Tamil and Hindi and also the Romanised versions for me to speak. One of my friend who had been to India tells me that in New Delhi vegetarain food taste better than normal food!

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