Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Right Answers

I have been re-reading the Gerson Therapy which warns followers of stict compliance to the standard therapy is the key to recovery. Although my condition has not deteriorated (at least from the outside), I think the fact that I can so easily lose weight (by eating or juicing less) and so difficult to gain back would mean I need to review my application of the therapy. Granted some of the supplements (like Lugol solution, pepsin, thyroid extract, laetrile, pancreatin, etc) are not obtainable in Malaysia, it is quite impossible to follow the full supplementation. Even to do the castor oil enema is not possible for the lack of ox bile powder. I have searched many pharmacies without success. I have also asked by brother who is now in Amsterdam (and also in Hamburg earlier) and he too could not find them. Still I make do what ever I can. Earlier I posted in my blog that a lady who followed the Gerson Therapy exclusively did not make it although it did lenghten her life. This is also why I am taking homeopathy treatment as I know I cannot follow the Gerson Therapy fully in Malaysia.

I have also modified the Gerson nutrition diet slightly in two areas namely on the number of juices from 13 to 10 (based on a Gerson type clinic in Hawaii) and now I am trying to increase it to 12. I stopped juicing after 7.30pm to start the homeopathy treatment for the next 3 hours (no food and drinks allowed during this period). Juicing after 11pm is not recommended as I would not be be able to get enough sleep for frequent urination in the middle of the night. Starting at 6am will be a problem as I would not have sufficient sleep from 11.30pm to 5.30am. In between, it is almost impossible to take naps as I am cooking and juicing myself without any help. The other changes that I made was to substitute potatoes with organic brown rice. The Chipsa.com website (http://chipsa.com/gerson_protocol.html) mentions that carbohydrates when oxidized they do not leave an acidic waste in the body as do protein and fats. I have checked from the website of the Gerson Institute that for protein supplement, to use brown rice milk. That was why I use brown rice instead of potatoes. The Gerson Therapy only recommend brown rice once a week. So I will comply and use potatoes instead from now for the next few weeks.

I will monitor my situtation for the next few weeks and see if I can gain back some weight. I am keeping fruits like bananas and guava beside my bed so that I can eat even in the middle of the night. Based on my BMI, I am overweight at present. There is even a small spare tyre around my waist but elsewhere if you touch me, you can feel the bones!

I have wanted to take up Qigong and a friend also recommended cosmic energy therapy. All these activities takes a fixed amount of time and disturb my juicing schedule. Perhaps a personal tutor would be the answer. I have also been considering oxygen therapy and after extensive searching the Internet, found a supplier in Kuala Lumpur that will not cost a arm and a leg. Alternatively I could order online from a supplier overseas but it would not come with warranty or repair services.

So many questions and uncertainties but no right answers!

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  1. My wife commented that you looked healthy and full of spirit though you had lost weight.

    Have a good trip.