Monday, December 14, 2009

Your Main Resolution For 2010

Today I receive some good and bad news. First, the good news. My friend who is now on the way back from his pilgrimage trip in India said everything went fine. Another friend said it is easy to obtain thick fresh juices there and also suggested the brand of bottled water to drink. So it looks like the trip will be as planned.

Now the bad news. I just receive word that the mother of one of my ex-colleague has breast cancer. She is in her 60s. She will receive mastectomy as her treatment. What is important to note is that even if the mastectomy is successful, it does not mean that the person is cancer free. What is sad is that most of the allopatic doctors do not know anything about nutrition and yet has the odessity to preach food has nothing to do with cancer. To ensure the cancer do not return, it is important to change the diet immediately after the mastectomy. One other interesting thing to note about this case is that another ex-colleague commented that two other sisters also have breast cancer and therefore it is hereditary. This is what the doctor wants you to believe since they don't believe diet has a major role to play. The reason why it runs in the family is that all the siblings are on the same diet. In a reference case disclosed in the video "Healing Cancer From The Inside Out", Brenda Cobb's family including mother and all aunties on the mother's side who have similar disease such as breast and cervical cancer. When it was her turn to get breast cancer and cervical tumor, she refuse conventional treatment because her mother and aunties died even after conventional treatment. They also did not change their diet. She refuse conventional treatment and went for Gerson like therapy and now she is living and free from cancer.

As I have said before in my earlier blog, statistically, your chance of getting cancer becomes higher every year, as you grow older. Don't be so happy because it becomes tougher next year. Prevention is so much easier than what I am going through now. Please re-examine your diet now and make the change. Make this your main resolution for 2010!

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