Saturday, December 5, 2009

Review of Therapies

It's been slightly over two months since I started the Gerson therapy and about one month since I started the homeopathy treatment. The review here is to see if there is any area that I am not doing enough or correctly. Although my condition has remainded stable, this week, I lost another kg.

I believe there is one main reason, (other than hopefully not due to cachexia). When I am out running some errands or having meetings, I missed out one or two glasses of juices. I do pack in the thermos one glass of fruit juice but such errands normally take an average of 3 hours, including travelling time. I have been drinking 10 glasses of juices a day (the Gerson recommendation is 13 glasses) which was based on some websites particularly in Hawaii that offered Gerson type of treatment and it was mentioned in their homepage that they offered 10 glasses of juices a day. In my case, I stopped drinking juices after 7.30pm because I need to start my homeopathy medication during which time for the next 3 hours I cannot eat or drink. So from today I will increase the number of glasses to 12 a day. I will start drinking earlier and should be able to complete 12 glasses a day before I start my homeopathy treatment. To maintain my weight, I will also eat much more in between including preparing the Hippocrates soup for lunch and dinner.

Weight is one of the barometer for measuring the progress. Loss is a bad sign. Not only that, it can cause some other problems like difficult in sitting because much of my weight loss is at the buttocks. So sitting for long is painful. I hope to gain back my kg this week.

Last night I did my coffee enema late and by the time I completed it, it has passed 12.30am. As reported earlier, I slowed down the coffee intake by lowering the height of the enema bucket to 18 inches. Although the time took to complete increased to 15 or 20 minutes, the burning sensation in the anus is slowly disappearing. The shortcut I am doing is boiling three coffee enema's requirements in advance. Earlier I boil on need basis as I prefer the coffee to be a little warm.

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