Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Freelance Work

Since last week, I received two calls from my friends on some freelance work. My friends wanted to know if I can do some work on a part time basis. Well so long as it does not require my physical presence for more than say two hours at the place of work once or twice a week, I should be able to consider. The first job is more traditional and most likely require physical presence because the work requires constant reconciliation and checking whih physical records in an insurance company. The second work is more flexible and is to restructure a privatly owned construction company with sales of RM300 million. Resturcturing here involves not just the loans with the banks, but also on the operations. It should not be too much of a problem for the group of us to handle. I will be working from home (other than attending meetings), so I guess this suits me better. I am the sort of person that must keep busy but I do remember my present handicap in any work that I will undertake. This type of work is short but pays rather well.

I applied for my Indian visa this morning at the Indian Visa Center ( at Straits Trading Building. There was a crowd of about 15 at 9am but only 10 or so of us were applying for visa. By 9.40am my family's application has been processed. It was smooth sailing. Originally I wanted to have a travel agency at Subang Jaya to handle the visa application for me but they don't provide visa application services only. My regular travel agent is based in Kuala Lumpur. So instead of going to my travel agent in KL, I may as well go directly to the Visa Center. I will collect on Friday morning although the visa is ready for collection from 4.30pm the next working day. The visa fee is a little pricey at RM152(single or multiple entry for 6 months) plus RM16 other fees. With the Internet, it is so easy to book train tickets now. All my train tickets are booked online ( You can book up to three months in advance and for India, the earlier you book the better because it can quickly run out of seats rather quickly. The 2nd class ticket prices for sleeper beds are quite cheap, cheaper than staying in a hotel for the night. Yes, we do all our travelling at night. I will give details of my travel plan in another post.

I believe I am more energetic as the day passes. My only weak point now is I am hungry sometimes. Brute strength is not as good as before, which make jucing really hard work. I am making rye bread so I can eat anytime in between. Sometimes I also take fruits but I also have to control my fructose intake. Because of my frequent enema and of the two tier toilet floor, I am unable to lie straight. I am getting some pain around the spine area as I have to adjust my body during the coffee intake. I am thinking of getting a plywood board which I can lay on top of the toilet floor to overcome this problem.

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