Monday, December 7, 2009

Changing Destiny

It's funny. Everytime during the festive holidays I would hear the radio and television advising motorist to exercise caution when travelling. In my mind, I have always though "yeah, the one dying in the accident would be someone else and not me." I also received lots of emails about cancer (before my present problem) and most of the time, I just brush it aside after reading it. It my mind, someone else will get cancer, definitely not me. Of couse, this is now proven wrong.

I have never been very lucky in my life (work or fortune wise). Although I do easily get work, most of them are really hard work and my fortune is even worst. I have never strike even the second price before. The best was a third price for RM1 (pays RM1,000) and that was in 1988. I have been investing in 4D about 30 years ago - a total loss you might say. But still I get to deal with two life and death situations in the last 4 years. That's my luck. Although Buddhist believe in karma, karma is not fixed and can be changed. This was quite well documented in the true life story of Liao Fan's Four Lessons: Changing Destiny which was written during the Ming Dynasty. I read this book sometime back (also seen the VCD version which was dubbed into English by Patrick Teoh and Desmond Goh) and have used it to help me navigate out of bad situations.

The are two lessons to learn. The first is cancer can happen to anyone. Do not be like me and only dig the well only when in thirst. Please spend sometime attending to cancer talks and also do some basic reading to arm yourself with the knowledge. One such person who believe in healthy living is Mr Liew ( who actively engages in cancer talks from the Ayurvedic prespective. What we normally receive from emails which are not verified and not very useful. Spend sometime to learn as much alternatives and prevention as possible. The second lesson is that nothing is fixed. Even in hopeless situation, there is a way out. You can change destiny. That's how I position myself.

I have been feeling a warm all over my body. I believe it's from the homeopathy treatment that I am receiving. Of late the coffee enema has made my stomach react very much with gas and also some growling sounds. The tongue and mouth ulcers was much better than I expected but eating has been a bit difficult. Otherwise all systems go.

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