Thursday, February 24, 2011

Noni Juice

This morning I received a package from the local post. Mona, I would like you to know I have received the two bottles of Noni and Goji juice that you sent all the way from North Carolina, USA. I am really grateful and words alone cannot convey my appreciation for what you have done. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After reading the brochure, I think the Noni plant is also grown in Malaysia. I know some locals have been using the plant for traditional medicine. I did not know the name of the plant then. Now that I know a little bit more about the plant, I would like to explore with Noni juice.

According to Noni Connection, its quite easy to make Noni juice right at home. It's not a big secret, and it's not complicated. Here's how it's done: After harvesting, the delicate golden fruits are washed and spread out on racks to aerate and ripen completely. Within hours the skins turn translucent, the flesh begin to soften, and the fruit begins to emit the characteristically foul odor of Noni. The washed and ripened Noni fruits are then carefully packed into aging tanks and left outside to ferment for an optimal period of 6 to 8 weeks. During this period, the juice seeps out naturally from the fruit. After aging, the tanks are drained, and the juice is bottled in a sterile facility. Noni juice has a very distinct and often bitter taste alone therefore mixing it with water, or additional fruit juices is advised.

Just after lunch, I harvested 3 Noni fruits and will try to make Noni juice based on the Noni Connection's method. I will let you the outcome in 8 weeks.

While many people consider Noni Juice to be a primary cancer treatment, Cancer Tutor considers Noni Juice to be a primary cancer treatment only for newly diagnosed cancer patients. For advanced cancer patients this treatment is considered a highly recommended supplemental protocol! For more information on Noni Juice Treatment For Cancer, please visit Cancer Tutor.

I have been on the low dose naltrexone (LDN) for quite sometime now. I think my body has more or less adjusted to it. I don't feel so tired now days though I still find falling asleep a little difficult.


  1. Dear CT,

    I am happy to hear you received the Noni and Goji Juice. It was a pleasure to send it to you!

    I hope it will help...I know it is not magic, but a supplement to your other treatments; and not all people respond the same way to the same treatment; just as one size shoe does not fit all. But, it is worth a try!

    Great to hear that Noni fruit is available locally in Malaysia, and if it will be able to make your own! At least, if it does not will not have wasted a lot of expense on it.

    I am so happy to hear the Naltrexone is helping! I am definitely going to research it, and keep (LDN) in case I should need it.

    You are such a wonderful person; and thanks so very much for sharing in such detail, your experiences with the various treatments..."so that we too can be informed of the options that are available to us," other than the standard orthodox medical community treatment, of chemotherapy and radiation.

    Wishing You Well,

  2. Dear Mona,

    I am very glad to share and that is also my intention to let readers know my experiences with the various treatments that I am doing.

    This morning, I drank 30ml of both the Noni and Gogi juice on an empty stomach. About one hour later, I was feeling a little gorggy and also felt like vomiting. My stomach was also churning. After some resting, I was feeling much better.

    I think the problem is due to some traces of alcohol that was present in the juices during the fermentation process. So what I will do now is to take Noni and Goji juice on alternate days. I think 60ml is a little too strong for me in a day.

  3. Hi CT,

    Sorry to hear the Noni and Gogi are making you feel sick. Please do not become discouraged! This is not unusual, it is probably a small healing crisis; as the body starts to detox and upsets the things that are poisoning your body, in preparation for excretion. If often happens quite intensely as the body builds up energy over time and then attempts to cleanse with a big effort. Common examples of this are the flu or diarrhea.

    I stopped taking Noni for awhile, and when I started taking it again...I felt light headed and slightly nauseous, also had diarrhea for three days. On the forth day I felt much better and was up early, had plenty of energy. For some...depending on how toxic their body is...the healing crisis may take weeks, before they feel better.

    If you do not feel the Noni and Goji are helping; I will not be offended if you stop taking it; as I said before: "not all people respond the same way to the same treatments," and I would never want you to do anything that might harm you!

    Wishing You Well,

  4. Dear Mona,

    Thanks for your explanation. I did experienced some of the symptoms that you mentioned. I will not be discouraged just because of my body reaction on day one and I think I will continue to use it for sometime.

    I just have to start slow because like this morning, I could not do any juicing while I was resting. So I missed a few morning juices. I believe overtime, my body will get adjusted to it.

  5. You received good package of Noni juice bottles. Because of Noni juice has many health benefits. Noni is a Health drink that keeps us healthy always.