Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Life's Lesson - Part 1

I would like to share with you some of the lessons I learned from this cancer.

First lesson: Cancer can happen to every one.
One of the questions some people asked me is if do I smoke? Most people have preconceived ideas. They seems to think that smoking is associated with lung cancer but you will be surprised that many lung cancer patients do not smoke. Cancer does not discriminate though some cancers seems more susceptible to females (like breast cancer) and males (like kidney cancer). If you think you are least likely to get cancer, think again. I have been very active in exercising, jogging at least once a week and going to the gym two to three times a week. Over the years, I have changed my lifestyle. I sleep by 11pm and only drink some liquor occasionally when I have to entertain clients. I also cut down on meat intake, eating more vegetables instead. I thought I would be the last people to get cancer. It's my pure ignorance and ego not to spend time to understand more about cancer that lead me to my present predicatment.

Thinking "it's not going to happen to me" is not going to help. Cancer strikes silently and without warning and when you know you have it, it's normally too late. Some of the nicest and generous people I know have cancers. Cancer may seems to strike randomly and yet over the years some doctors have found certain people are more susceptible to cancer. Please see my posting on cancer personality for more details.

Lesson Two: Why me?
I am sure many readers will have different views of this lesson and I would like to hear from you. For me, there is no why me? I have had so many good things that happen to me, family, career and friends in my pre-cancer days. I also had some breaks. So when something like cancer strikes me, why can't it be me? When you get good things, you must also prepare to accept bad things can happen to you. Of course, I learned from research that one of the major causes of cancer is due to lifestyle. Lifestyle does not just mean diet but the way we live.

Though it is very easy for us to engage in self pity, such depressing thought will only bring more pain. Occasionally, I do slip into such a state. Once way of overcoming such depression to let people come into my life. Let people help you. Accept their love and support. Pray, meditate, and surround yourself with all the goodness this world has to offer. And then, when there is an opportunity, give it back to another patient walking along the path behind you. I have learned that there is no necessity to survive to make someone else's journey a little easier, I can use the time given to me to return all the love and support that was given to me.

To be continued.


  1. I'm really identifying with what you wrote. I used to think that something like this would never happen to me either. It's humbling.

    I believe that reaching out to other people is important to our own healing process. I know the pain and isolation and fear that a cancer diagnosis brings, and I wish I could spare everyone from experiencing it. If I can help another person, even for just a little while, I feel like I am helping to get past my own fear, isolation and pain.

  2. Chang,

    Before I start would like to inform that I don't mind receiving anything from you ha ha ha. I would not ask for money, more for advice and wisdom.

    From your experience, I have learned to accept that this is one of the natural way for death. I am preparing myself to also get cancer and die from it. The early years had been stressful and active for me. I also fall in the cancer personality list. I am prepaing myself to accept and be prepared. God knows how well I would have prepared myself when the time hit me but I will also try to combat and try to overcome but I guess I will not try to get cured.

    Ha ha does this sound like a suicide note? I hope not. Anyway like I have started and paused my healthy diet. But most of all what changed most is that I spend more time loving my family and take all the loaves the give without questioning.

    You still have time, you still have something to live for, and you still owe me lots of advices and wisdom words. Why? Because I have taken a new challenge in my workplace and I need all the wise words there is. But would that keep you in the cancer personality list more ????

    I wish you gain all the strength as fast as you can and continue with your journey. What is the plans of your trip now?

    I have