Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Yesterday evening, two of my longtime friends came to pay me a visit. Since my cancer days, they have been coming over to my place instead of meeting at our common meeting venue and yesterday, through their Buddhist fellowship, raised some funds for me. During the Chinese New Year, my childhood friends also pledge to help me out. I am touched by their gesture and honored to have such friends. To all of you, thank you for your kind generosity. There is no dearth of friends in this world but finding a true friend is really difficult. It is said that people are really lucky will have good friends. I am indeed lucky.

My sleeping problems continues and even if I managed to sleep, it seems to be sort of semi conscious dreaming state. Yesterday night, I dreamt my friends and I was walking along the river bank at the back of my grandfather's house. I saw several sets of mahjong that was thrown into the river, blocking the water flow. I thought to myself why would people throw mahjong sets into the river? Before I got my answer, I woke up for my night urine. I did try to continue my dream after resuming sleep but could not. Are you able to continue your dreams when you resume your sleep? Sometimes I can.

My first pill of low dose naltrexone (LDN) which I diluted with 10ml of water is supposed to last 10 doses but I only managed to get 8 doses out of it. I think I forgot to factor in the evaporation. For my second pill, I have now diluted with 11.5ml of water. It will take a few tries before I get it right.

Since last week, I have been having continuous mouth ulcers. They keep coming when one recovers! It really painful. Eating is really uncomfortable. What else is new?

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