Saturday, February 5, 2011

Health Status @ 5 February 2011

Tumor mass of size of about 15cm on the right kidney and 21 and 20 nodes all over my left and right lungs respectively with one up to 3cm in size on both lungs. Confirmed that it has not spread to the liver. All other organs are also normal.

Latest scan on 26 November 2010 showed slight improvement in the kidney tumor (shrunk from 15cm to 11.4cm) but the nodes on the lungs were also a little larger. In the August 2010 scan, it was the other way around.

X-rays scan on 26 September 2010 over the scapula (the bone of the shoulder), pelvic and upper back areas shows no obvious bony metastasis.

Consulted four urologists (one in Singapore and three in Malaysia) and two oncologists (one in Malaysia and one in Singapore). Both oncologists suggested removal of right kidney. Singapore urologist also suggested removal of kidney. The three urologists do not recommend surgery or chemotherapy. The last urologist consulted said most of his patients died within six months of surgery while two on the expensive (RM20K per month) drug Sutent is not responding. All agree that is no cure for the moment.

My urologist said my cancer is at stage 4 and did not recommend me to take any treatment. It is also my own choice not to take conventional treatment after considering all the facts of the case.

Subsequently during the 1 year review on 2 September 2010, my oncologist in Singapore recommended that I consider:

a. Tumor debulk and
b. Sutent medication or
c. Interferon treatment

I have so far rejected the recommendation.

a. Gerson Therapy
a1. Coffee Enema
Following Gerson Clinic's recommendation of three enema daily and alternative day castor oil enema. Due to the strength of the coffee, my enema formula is 4oz coffee, 8oz camomile and 12oz of water.

a2. Nutrition Diet
All fruits and vegetables mentioned are organic.
i. Juicing - 13 fruit and vegetables juices a day beginning around 8am and ending 7pm. 1 orange, 5 apple+carrot, 3 carrot and 4 green vegetable juices every hourly.
2. Diet - No oil, no sugar and no salt on all cooking. For breakfast and supper, mainly oats with some raisins, sometimes a little Manuka honey is added. For lunch and dinner, vegetables such as Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, lady's fingers, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach are mainly steamed or boiled. K-salt is added for flavoring. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil is added when serving (but not during cooking). Mainly boiled potatoes and sometimes Somali organic brown rice (once a week) is consumed. Hippocrates soup are also prepared every other day for daily consumption.
3. Supplements - K-salt, niacin, lugol solution, pancreatin, pepsin, Q10, Inflamezyme, Milk Tistle, Colostrum. Thyroid, Liver and B12 injections daily.
4. Others - Rye bread, papaya, guavas, oranges and bananas are consumed at regular intervals.

b. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Clinic: CA Care, Subang Jaya Center (
Main Consultant: Dr Chris Teo
Treatment Started: 27 August 2010.
Medication: Capsule A+B, 4 capsules 3 time daily. Lungs, liver and kidney herbs to be taken once a day. C-tea to be taken throughout the day.
Reaction: Stomach a little uncomfortable after taking Capsule A and the herbs. Increase frequency in night urine.
Status: Suspended since 3 December 2009.

c. Oxygen Therapy
Started using a personal oxygen generator with effect from 8 March 2010 about 1 hour in the evening, 20 minutes per session. Richer oxygen does help in controlling the growth of the tumors. It also reduces fatigue.

d. Zhineng Qigong
Started practicing qigong on 11 March 2010. I have stopped attending classes and instead will practice on my own.

Health Status
I have not check my current weight since my last check which was 62kgs.

I have not been sleeping well. Despite making the bed as comfortable as possible, I am still having bad backaches. Perhaps, its not the bed problem but rather due to weight of my own body resting on the bed that is causing the pain.

I have been coughing almost daily now. The phlegm are always stained with blood. The pain around my shoulder and shoulder blade area seems to be sharper and at times needle like poking sensation is felt occasionally.

I find sleeping and sitting painful now days. I wonder if others find their butt painful from the daily injections that they give to themselves? Or could it be that my technique that I used to give myself the injections is wrong?

I have been thinking how to improve my weight. Taking cue from Emily, I am now reading on the Budwig diet to see if I can combine certain aspects of the diet with Gerson diet.

Notwithstanding Chinese New Year, a depressing period of pain.


  1. Dear CT,

    I wrote a very long post yesterday exhorting you to reflect and write on your reasons and motivation to keep living. While you can share your fears, can you share your dreams? You said that you will engage so I am waiting.

  2. Dear CT,

    Would u like the low dose naltrexone I was sharing about. I could pass them to u if u want to try. For me, it is not about motivation or positive thinking, that is sheer hard work n it is worse when in pain. It is drawing strength from a mighty God, the creator of heaven n earth, who loves us so much. He guides us with his holy spirit and he heals us supernaturally. In Jeremiah 30:12, he says "I will give you back your health and heal your wounds". May His face shine upon u as u turn to Him.

  3. Liz, I would sure love to get my hands on some LDN. But if you were to pass me some, would you enough available for yourself?

    Anyway, I thank you for your generosity. I will contact you via email and then arrange for a suitable time to collect them.

    I am also sending you good thoughts and hope for your speedy recovery.