Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bitten By Travel Bug

Tibet, is a place that I have always been fascinated. My imagination of that place was fired by the documentaries that I watched over the years. It's also second item on my Bucket List. However, at the moment, I don't think I can travel to Tibet because of the thin air and it will be risky in view of my lung tumors. That's Makalu in the back with Mt Chomolonzo (7790m), Makalu's Northern peak in front.

I have also been mystified by Mount Everest. Although I will never be able to climb that mountain, the thought of getting close to the base camp itself generates enough adrenaline for me. Why do I like Mount Everest so much? I just have some incredible attraction that I cannot even describe in words, similar to being totally in love with a beautiful woman – your descriptions don’t seem to do her justice to the feelings you have for her. Make sense? Viewed from base camp, lovely, isn't she?

Two photographs Copyrighted by Eric Bolz. Let me help you fire your imagination here. Do tell me what do you think?

Two of my friends have again kick start a fire in me. India! Yes, my friends wants me to organise another Buddhist pilgrimage trip to India towards the end of this year. Normally, my planning horizon is about a month but when you travel on a pilgrimage, there will be some forward planning. So far, I already have 6 potential pilgrims and we are inviting 2 more friends to a max of 8 of us. This time round, I plan to start from New Delhi and the pilgrimage is expected to take between 10/11 days.

At this moment, it may be a bit presumptuous for me to commit because realistically I do not know what my condition will be towards the end of the year. Still, it presents a very good motivation for me. I make a promise to you. I'll be there!

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