Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Life's Lesson - Part 2

Lesson Three: Doctors Don't know Everything About Cancer Cures
It seems ironic but it's true. Despite all the years of medical training a specialist doctor underwent, his understanding about cancer is only from one point of view that we called conventional medicine. Yes, he is qualified to give advice on cancer treatment but that does not mean he knows everything. Second, third and forth opinions does not mean there is no hope. There are all educated from the same schools of thought. It is very important as a patient (and also as a caregiver to a patient) to also read and understand what you are facing. Don't let the doctors sentence you to death. Have an open mind and do explore other alternatives.

Had I just listened to my doctors, I would have been dead long ago. If I had taken their words go and eat whatever my heart desires and eat more protein from animal source, I would have died of a quick and painful death. I believe there are alternatives. While no forms of medication can guarantee a cancer cure, at least there are other ways to deal with cancer. Many have survived using alternative therapies when conventional medicine cannot do. I hope I will be of them too.

Lesson Four: Live In The Present
I spent most of my time preparing for the future. I am always planning what to do tomorrow. I have not taken a moment to reflect on the present. Even when I got this cancer, I still plan what I am going to do after I recover. It's always in the future.

As a result, I missed a lot of things. I did not observe what's going on around me. Now I try to live in the present. Get closer with my family, spend more time with my children and do things that I can do now. Don't live a life of regret that I did not do this or that when I had the opportunity. Don't postpone till tomorrow.

No matter how much wealth you’ve accumulated, when you leave this earth you cannot take a single penny with you. No matter how close you are to your spouse, you will be swiftly separated at death. No matter how respected and admired you are in your community, you have to go alone without any support. You should ask yourself, when you are facing death, will you leave feeling satisfied, or will you regret that you haven’t lived your life in the most meaningful and fulfilling way? ~ H. E. Shyalpa Rinpoche

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNED: There Is Nothing More Important Than Health
The first priority in life should be health. Not career, family and even God. If you don't have any health, you just cannot do any of those things. Prioritise your health as the most important thing you need to do and then you will have a family, career and perform service to God for the rest of your life. There will be so many things open to you.

Have you ever wondered why kids at a tender age of a few months get cancer? While a small percentage can be attributed to genetics, the health of the parents are also important to ensure that their children born are also free of disease. So your health not only affects you but your next generation as well.

Do remember it takes years for the cancer to grow. As such you must start looking after your health now. Not when you are forty or fifty years old. If you have not started, start now. For a start, go for your full checkup. If you are a male above 40, do scan your kidneys too. Change your lifestyle. You will have a different outcome.

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  1. Hi CT,

    am really encouraged meeting you and wanna share your journey with others fighting the cancer scourge and life's other battles.

    Health no argument,is absolutely priority and regaining lost health is much harder.

    But for those of us who seek, I have seen God's deep peace upon those who has no more of their own strength. As well as His mercy that has snatched some from forth stage cancer.

    Brother, thank you for your life lived in hope and courage which lifts us all. Love..