Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who Am I Make A Difference

Today I want to make a slight request to all readers that is reading this post. I received a wonderful email from Poh Ying about a New York High School project wherein students were ask to distribute 2 blue ribbons to one person that they think made a difference in their life. That person who receives the ribbon will in turn distribute the remaining ribbon to another person who made a difference in his/her life. The effects on people were amazing.

So I am giving each of you who is visiting this post 2 virtual blue ribbons. One is for you because you made a difference in my life by just visiting. It's the kind of support that is very meaningful to me. The other virtual ribbon which you now have, I would like you to leave on my comments, the name of the person that you wish to dedicate the virtual ribbon to, someone who made a difference to you in your life.

Feel the change in you and let this flow through your heart. Tell the one he/she made a difference to you and let it be known to the world. Please invite your friends and do not forget to tell the person you have dedicated to. I will make my dedication by being the first to give my virtual blue ribbon away.


  1. Dear Christine,

    I would like to dedicate this blue ribbon to you. I want you to know you made a difference in my life, especially during the current difficult phase of my life.

  2. Dear Joanne Chee,

    You have been very inspirational to me during my cancer journey. I would like to take this opportinuty to dedicate this blue ribbon to you too.

  3. I wish to make this dedication to my mom, without whom I would not be the person I am today. She toiled through thick and thin for us and though we may have our differences, I shall always be grateful to her and support her.


  4. This is dedicated to my mom who passed away last week peacefully. She showed the way how to be a better person and the way of life irregardless of being rich or poor. We all would miss her very much....sweet memories is all she gave.

  5. i dedicate the blue ribbon to my wife who showed me the truth with immeasurable grace and courage

  6. I dedicate this blue ribbon to my dear brother Jayson who has passed away in April 2006. I still think of him everyday and miss him very much. However, instead of being sad, I will celebrate his life and dwell upon all the good things he has achieved and done in his lifetime. A fine son, brother, husband, father and friend to all who have known him.

  7. Chang,

    TQ for the blue ribbon you gave me, the kindness will flow through to my family, our mutual Tahan friends.

    For the second ribbon, I want to dedicate to 1) your wife, though we have not met, but from our discussion and your blog, I can imagine her courage. In keeping you company, to India initially, now strongly supporting you mentally this cancer journey plus becoming the sole bread earner

    2) your mother, cos, no mother is any happier than her unhappy child. Especially you have at some stage talked abt your childhood since most people seemed to assume after hardship would come the sweetness, 先苦后甜.

    May the ribbon project not only bring back your health, give your family all the strength required and most importantly sustain this network of knowledge sharing, example of fighting spirit,giving warmth,and spreading love.

    Chang, I m proud of you, may God bless you,


  8. Chang

    Thanks for giving me a blue ribbon today.
    It means alot to me to be given your blue ribbon.
    You have done alot for us writing this blog.
    I have learnt alot from you and gain alot - your strength.
    For that I am giving you the other blue ribbon.
    Our acquaintance is short but it is like I have always have you as a friend.
    I am grateful to have known you.
    Ai Wee

  9. to you Bro Chang,being inspiring me to be strong to face reality..reading your blog is very encouraging,a one man's war against life and to never never give up.


  10. Dear Chang,

    Thank you for the blue ribbon and for being an inspiration to all who follow you on this journey. I am also thankful for this opportunity to meet again.