Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Give Up Hope On You!

You must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.
Emmet Fox

Yesterday, a visitor to my blog, Eric Tai from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and he left a kind of a distress message on the comments. I have responded to his comments but felt that I need to do more because I am also concern about his sister. Today's blog is in dedication to Eric Tai's sister. I hope to be able to share with you your pain and at the same time offer you a little encouragement.

Eric, please have your sister read this or print it for her to read. If you can let me have her name, that would be even better. I would like to address to her directly.

First Thing First
Having cancer is not shameful and you should not be ashamed of yourself. Now is the time to even love youself more. Be commpassionate to yourself because you need yourself more than ever. Start the day with a smile, look at yourself in the mirror and not just smile to yourself, say I love you. Start each day with a postitive and compassionate tought. You are not just capable of loving yourself but also others around you despite your present condition.

All cancer patients cry when told they have cancer and cry you must. Recognise your pain and release it by crying. Do not engage in self pity. But there is also a time to stop. The doctors and your family and friends are there to support you but only you can heal yourself. It starts with you and you must chose a positive mindframe to continue to live. No matter how bad the doctors say your cancer is, cancer is not a death sentence. In fact thousands of people who are given only months to live, survived. I am given six months but has lived for 13 months now. Not only no cure, sure to go. The more they tell me I go, the more I won't go. This is because I did not give up on myself and so you must also not give up yourself. There are many people out there who cares about you. Even I, who do not know you, I feel for you, your pain and I know what you are going through. Open up your heart and give yourself that chance to heal.

You must not give up hope on yourself. You tell yourself to live long and then make the effort and the will to cure yourself.

Why Me?
Many cancer patients asks why me when they get cancer? Have you ever wonder when you strike lottery or when good fortune is riding with you, have you ever asked the question why me? How come you don't ask during good times? So only good times, no why me and when bad times you ask why me. In life you go through good and bad times. So you see, there is no why me. Do you know animals also get cancer too?

There are many people out in the world who are not cancer patients but live a life more difficult than a cancer patient for their rest of their lives. So count on your blessing of what you have now. You also have a very supporting brother.

Choosing Your Therapies
I do not know what stage of the cancer you are now in. The first things you should (and I believe you have) do is to see your doctors. The doctors will give you some recommendations for you to consider.

Conventional Medication
This is normally your starting point. Please get all the information you should know from your doctors and normally you will get second and third opinions. Please do all that but it is not good enough.

Sometimes the doctors only tell you some of it and no ask, no tell policy. You must also read from other sources from the Internet and from books about your type of cancer. This is to give you a balance view and also know what questions to ask about when you see your doctors. Get family/friends to help you as well. With these information, then you can make a decision on what you want or can do.

Even if the doctors say there is no cure, do not panic and lose hope. There are alternatives. The doctors do not know everything, only things they have studied and many other things they have not studied. They are only telling from their point of view.

Conventional medicine is a direct medicine meaning it goes and treat the cancer directly. Therefore if they work, they very quickly kill the diease. But you should also know they are treating only the symptoms of the diease and not the root cause. For example, think of white ants (as cancers) infecting a wall of your house. You can quickly spray insecticides and the white ants that come into contact will die. But do you think you have killed all the white ants? Don't forget, their home base could be somewhere in the house. That's why there are many cases of recurrence.

Alternative Medicines
Selecting an alternative medicine is much more complicated than conventional medicine. Many of your friends will email and supply you with this or that therapy. They all have good intentions and we appreciate them for taking the time to get those information for us. You can also search the Internet and get even more choices. So what do you do?

It has been establised medically that the body's immune system can fight any diease in the body. However for certain reasons, some of the major organs in your body has mulfunctioned, not doing its job and hence allowed the cancer to grow. So it follows that if you want to use this approach to fight cancer, all your therapies you select must support this believe.

So how do you choose a therapy? Very difficult question and I hope the following can be guidelines to you when doing your selection. Remember, no one can choose for you, only you can choose because it's your life. It's also not fair to have others take on the burden to choose for you. Some guidelines (my views and you can choose to differ):
- Read some basic understanding about cancer and how it grows.
- Read and understand fully the therapy.
- Does the therapy covers everything? So you may want to read many more therapies before decicing. Many established cancer therapy covers (a) diet, (b) detoxification and (c) supplements. Basically you decide what are appropriate and if you believe it can heal you, then that's the therapy.
- Do not mix and match unless you know what you are doing. Remember your life is at stake.
- Once you selected the therapy, do it as full as you can. Have faith in the therapy and allow time for the therapy to take effect. It can be many months before you see results. So choose wisely because you may only get once chance.
- What works for one may not be so effective on you because we are all different. However, we need to start from somewhere. Get professional advice/help if possible.
- You can use more than one therapy if and only if they are complementary. How do you know? You don't most of the time and you need to read to find out. It must not contradict with what you are doing.
- If you must deviate from your therapy, understand what the consequences are before you do it.

Other Therapies
Herbs, diet and supplements are just the physical part of the therapy. Some research has shown that psychological aspects could be a factor of healing. Some of the cancer survivors tells me that they also do emotional healing besides spiritual healing. You must also read up on this area. Perhaps the approach is first to stabilise your condition and then look at other therapies that you can use.

If you need more information on these areas, do contact me and I will share with you.

Qi gong has been reported to be beneficial to healing of cancer.

Good Luck
Speak to friends and others about your options and then decide on it. You must take the first step in this long journey and no matter what happens, you know you have done your best.

Although I am still far away from being cured, my 13+ months journey thus far has been up and down just like any other normal person would go through. At least I enjoyed a good 13+ months of quality life and I hope more to come. I can have all these because I did not give up and I work hard for it.

You can too have the same and do better. If you can read my blog, please read the the story of Joanne. Thousands of people which have no cured are cured and you will soon be the next.

So good luck to your journey. Remember not to isolate yourself and talk to your family and friends. They and many others including people whom you don't know, like me for example also care for you. So don't give up on yourself. You can do it!


  1. Thanks Mr Chang for the support.
    My sister's name is Sharon,she's very strong,she's currently doing Qi Gong,just finish a session just now.
    I will treasure this blog,hope it will keep on going...
    This blog will always be a strength for people with same fate and those who seek
    emotional strength as well.
    It's also God's will to let me cross this hidden road to i meet you.
    Thanks Bro.


    Found this quite sometime but doesn't know how it work but need to pay to know,any idea?
    It's called The Healing Codes

  3. Dear Eric,

    Sometimes it may appear that I am helping people. Actually it's the other way round.

    I remember Dr Servan-Schreiber (author of Anti Cancer, A New Way of Life) said everybody needs to feel useful and when you contacted me, you did me a favour by needing me and I felt happy to be able to perform this tiny service to you.

    I am very happy to note your sister's progress is good.

    As for the Healing Codes, let me check it out first.