Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking The First Unknown Step

I am glad that I attended the talk by Shyalpa Rinpoche. I can sum up his teachings in three words, practical, simple and profound! I follow the Theravada tradition and it's refreshing to listen to a Tibetan master. The various Buddhist traditions are like different vehicles makes. Each person may have preferences for certain vehicle makes but ultimately they all go to the same destination.

Yes, my trip to the highlands has been postponed possibly to next week. I feel good and need to get more sleep.

Today also marks the begining of my 14 months in therapy. A total of 395 days have passed.

Gerson Support Group
I had always wanted to form a small support group and last Saturday Christine arranged for me to meet with Noel and was later joined by Debbie. Christine has sort of become my first support member. Noel's uncle died of cancer and since then, he took a deep interest in cancer treatment. His work brings him to US regularly and he managed to visit the Gerson Institute in San Deigo and even met Charlotte Gerson in person. He is the only person that I have met who is not a cancer patient but knows so much about the Gerson Therapy (GT). He was kind enough to list down a number of points to share with me. One point that he made struck me spot on, rests! I admit, I really need more. Later Debbie and I had some fiery exchanges over some aspects of GT and it was done for better understanding.

He also said he know of someone who may be willing to provide some funding to allow us to form a support group. Bless you my friend. One of the main problems facing patients doing the GT is obtaining the supplements and the high costs of vegetables and fruits. Hopefully with a grouping, we can find ways to improve the situation. Despite his busy schedule, he was willing to become a support member to provide any help he could. As I myself is work-in-progress, therefore my situation is fluid. I think there is a need to have more support members and also cancer patients. There is nothing more convincing than a living example. A picture paints of thousand words.

I would like to make a wish and dedication. May our efforts to setup a support group be fruitful. May all the cancer caregivers and supporters of the world be blessed with abundance of life and health. May you all be well and happy always.

Hypnotherapy - Part 1
After searching and talking to some senior therapists, I managed to find Dr Chong. She is a medical doctor and also had training in hypnosis and believes it can help in the treatment of cancer. I gave her my medical history and she quickly responded with a date, that is this evening. Not the boy girl kind of thingy but my first step into the unknown.

So I will heading to her clinic to do my initial assessment and will report what happened. Oh, there will not be any juicy details, only the dried version. Anyway, there is no juice to extract in the first place, only knots to untie.

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