Saturday, October 2, 2010

Close Encounters Of The Different Kind

In addition to the normal weekly health status report, I thought I share with you my spooky encounter last night. Ripley's believe it or not!

Spooky Encounter
After a day of travelling back from Singapore, I thought I would have a good night's sleep. As I was about to fall asleep, I had and encounter with a spirit. This time, it (could not see whether male or female spirit or whether the same spirit I sensed in the bathroom) entered my dreams and started to disturb me. I could not recall what it wanted but it just disturbed me. I was not afraid and tried to request the spirit to leave me alone and leave but it would not. So I began chanting but the spirit would not let down. I had problems chanting, it would not let me chant properly and I was murmuring and the words was not clear. Soon the haggling became a little physical as I was using my hands to chase it away. I was semi awake during the whole incident and it went on for about 30 minutes. When it stopped, I woke up, went for my night urine and drank some water. I went back to sleep peacefully.

This morning my wife told me I was talking in my sleep. I told her yes, I am aware and in fact I was fighting a spirit. I have developed some level of spirituality. Ahem... I have strong faith in Buddhism and my buddy Chong would often tease me by calling me Rev Chang. A friend SMSed me when I was on my way to Singapore after reading my post on the spooky encounter earlier. She caution me and asked me to seek help from the monks rather than deal with it myself. I will visit the temple to seek assistance later today.

Incidentally, I am now following a Cantonese radio drama at 988 Radio on ghostly encounters. The series was based on the experiences of a lady spiritual master. The incidents happened in Taiwan and traces her encounters from chilhood to adulthood.

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