Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Not What It Seems

Thinking is like loving and dying. Each of us must do it for himself.
Josiah Royce

Finally, my daughter's car is ready and I will make arrangement to collect it today. It's a relief for me. Almost a four week wait for a simple accident.

Bloom And Gloom
Although my recent posts seems to center around gloomy scenarios, actually it's not that bad. You just have to look it from another angle and then you will smile rather than feeling sad.

In a normal person, when everything is good and going, any changes to that state would make you feel sad. But for a person like me, I am already in a diffcult state, the fact that I am living calls for a celebration. When you are in the night, it does not matter whether it's 8pm or 12midnight, it's still dark. It can't get worst than dark but now I am in grey territory. Hey there is even an opportunity to see sunrise! So don't feel sad for me, celebrate with me.

As you read my blog, think about me for a second and sent me your positive thoughts at that very moment. I can receive it. Imagine everytime you do this, hey in no time at all, I will feel energised! No more sad thinking, OK?

So What's Next?
I felt so much better after posting Brave Of Plain Stupid?. A relief came because I knew what I wanted to do after the post.

Well, I am going back to the basics. My faith in Gerson Therapy will not be shattered just because of some setback. But this time, I am getting professional help. So, no surgery for me!

I am going to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico (hopefully they accept me) and look forward to meet Charlotte Gerson in person! Wow, that would be a boost to my healing. I think someone from Gerson Institue follows my blog occasionally, so would you please look out for my application which will be emailed later today!


  1. Hi Bro. Chang,
    I believe the Gerson therapy works as you have live beyond the time of a conventional practice. Firstly, this method starve off the tumour the nutrient/toxic they require to spread. You made the right decision to go to Mexico as it will give you the moral boosting to meet Charlotte Gerson. I have great confidence in you to face the greatest challenge of your life and come out as a victor. After your chanting and meditation, please remember to share the merits with your departed ones and all beings around you. Also, daily after your chanting and meditation, make a strong aspiration that you will be cured of your sickness and resolve that you will help other cancer patients when you have fully recovered. This strong and positive aspiration will activate your subconcious mind to really cure you.

  2. great! good luck bro
    when will you go there?
    u still write if you're there?
    how long will the duration?
    share with us what you've gone through there will you? at least there's cure there,there are hope for everybody.

  3. Dear Bro Lim,

    The Gerson Therapy is my main therapy that I rely upon but I have come to realise that I also need to improve on my spirituality as well.

    Thank you for your encouragement and I hope with my strong resolve, I will be able to overcome this life threatening challange.

  4. Dear Eric,

    I will sure wrtie about my adventure at the Gerson Clinic (if I am accepted for admission). The clinic observes strict very rules because the patients' welfare is the foremost priority and maybe access to computers could be limited.

    Its a two week stay at the clinic supervised by the doctors and I hope to be able to go sometime in mid November 2010. Well there are some formalities to take care, like visa, etc.