Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Ready For Time Off

This morning at about 10.30am, while I was about to start my morning enema, I had another episode of bvlood in urine. This time, besides the blood, I also had a lump of tissue discharge, not too sure if it was blood clot, tissues or what. The only consolation was that I did not experience any pain before the discharge. If there was excruiating pain before the discharge, then I can be sure it's a bad development.

Farewell Mama S
Sometime ago I wrote about my encounter with this 72 year old lady, a case of relapsed breast cancer patient that spread to the liver. Her daughter called me yesterday afternoon to inform me that her mother passed away last Sunday. I was sad to hear the news and yet at the same time relieved because she was in severe pain during the final stages. Her daughter said her mother lived longer (about 19 months) than what the doctors predicted. For her age, she is one determined lady and tried to followed the Gerson diet as close as possible. She even did coffee enema once a day! She had good quality of life except for her last weeks when she was in pain. Her daughter thinks the diet helped her mother to live longer.

About 3 weeks earlier she has requested to see me after experiencing some pain but since I could not help her, I declined. I am now regretting the decision perhaps she knew and was trying to bid farewell to me.

In Buddhist tradition, may you have a good rebirth Mama S.

Slowing Down
A few people have constantly reminded me to slow down and take a break from cancer. Christine in particular. I am also fortunate that Joanne of New Zealand wrote to me earlier and has been providing me not only encouragement and support, she even wrote in detail what she did during her cancer days. I look forward to meet her in person when she comes to Malaysia in December, not only to thank her in person but to have thanksgiving lunch/dinner with her.

It would appear to me from Joanne's email and also some books I read, that my present concentration on the physical aspects of the therapy is not good enough. Of course, this is a matter of one's own choice whether to do or not. I need to look at the non physical aspects as well. So I am planning for another retreat new week. I will be taking time off from cancer and will spent three days in Cameron Highlands to recharge. Seek and you will find.

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