Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.
Robert H. Schuller

Starting today, I will try and start my post with a positive and compassionate quote. Shyalpa Rinpoche says the best way to start your day is to have positive and compassionate thoughts. For cancer patients, I think this is very important not just to stay positive but to be compassionate not just to others and to oneself as well.

Last night, after I had the total relaxation therapy, I slept very well. This morning, after waking up, I did a short relaxation exercise.

Friends, thank you for all your SMSs. Today I celebrate my 51st birthday and I would like to make a sincere birthday wish for my complete healing.

Hypnotherapy - Part 2
Dr. YP Chong is much younger and prettier than I expected. Need to write some good things as I think she is also reading the blog. But seriously, she is. Very friendly and she also have dealth with a number of cancer patients and on a more personal experience, her mother was also a breast cancer patient, now cancer free for more than 10 years. She spends her day time at her own clinic as a General Practitioner while in the evenings, she helps patients who require clinical hypnotherapy.

She reviewed the events of my drowning incident and felt that in my own way I overcame the fear. So instead, she said she could help me to learn total relaxation and started to explain the therapy. Basically, it teaches the body to relax but add a twist to it. It's a guided, meaning I will stay in a relax mode and listen to her voice and then follow her instructions. She does have a very sweet and soft voice that made it easier to enter into relaxation mode and soon, I was in slumberland. When I awoke, I was recharged. I was semi awake mode during the therapy and yet at the same time, I still manage to hear her voice guiding me, but fading at times. Midway through she asked me to visualise a distant star and then bring it closer. She asked my visualise the energy from the star and use it to cleanse the tumor.

During post therapy, she said I need to practice this form of relaxation twice a day (morning after waking up and evening before sleeping). Once I become comfortable, then I need to be in touch with the tumor and "persuade" it to turn normal and subsequently have a "conference of organs" where I will talk to organs when I am in deep relaxation. During this time, I am in contact with the sub-concious level which controls the functioning of the organs. Well, it may sound unbelievable, but I believe.


  1. Happy Birthday to you. May your faith in the triple gem be your guiding light and hope you will recover completely from your sickness.

    By the way, can I have the contact & clinic address of Dr.YP Chong as I may ask a friend who is a breast cancer patient to visit her.

    Cheers & have a good day

  2. Chang,

    Happy Birthday,

    Congruent with yr new approach I am suggesting we catch up with some ex colleagues of Tahan. There has been a lot of changes, good that all of us take stock, like u.

    let me hear from you, brother


  3. Dear Bro Lim,

    Thanks for your wishes.

    I had a good session with her and I was surprised I actually managed to go into a relax state so quickly. I think that was because I did not have any preconceived ideas/judgement and I just concentrated and followed her instructions.

    Dr Chong can be contact at 603-79828862 (please asked for Sis Fong, head nurse to pass you to Dr Chong) or by email cassie_clinic@yahoo.com.

    Good luck to your firend.

  4. Dear Kok Piew,

    I have to admit my situation is possibly detetiorating. Yes, I think we should meet.

    Please don't tell me that people I know is getting cancer!