Friday, October 29, 2010

The Joy Of Receiving

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.
Gautama Siddharta

Two friends, Debbie and Janice will be visitng me today. These two are very passionate about natural therapies. I hope to learn something from them while at the same time they wanted to learn certain aspects of the Gerson Therapy.

During the early stages of my cancer, I did not encourage my friends to visit as I need to focus and stabilise first but now I think the time is right if you want to come and visit.

Tomorrow I will be going to Cameron Highlands for a break for 3 days. I will do a Health Status update tomorrow but I will take a rest from blogging on Sunday. I will give you an update about my trip later on Monday evening.

Spring Cleaning
Finally, with the help of my brother and two sisters, I managed to get my house spring cleaned. Sometimes I look at the amount of housework and I thought I could finished it, not at a go but over few days. I think I can during my pre cancer days but nowdays, I cannot exert that kind of energy to do it. This is pure physical activity, something I take for granted previously.

Joy Of Receiving
During my pre cancer days, when opportunity arises, I would do charity not just in the form of money, but donate my time as well. There is so much joy in giving and I always feel blessed to be able to give. When one can give, it means that person has ability, has work and has money besides compassion.

When you have poor health, you just wish you weren't in that state. So dependent and so helpless. Your ability to give diminishes, not totally but you cannot give so frequent. Well, you need to keep some for your own medical bills.

With this cancer, I also learn the joy of receiving. First from my own family members. My cancer has brought us much closer together. My friends who has been supportive of me through this difficult times. Some even go all out of the way to help provide me transport and even volunteer to help me do juicing. Strangers, people I don't know, who knew me through my blog contact me and gave support and advice.

There is nothing shamefull being helplessness. As we learn to give, we also learn to receive. Receiving is as joyfull and in giving. This makes the world go around.

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