Friday, October 8, 2010

Looking Deeper Into Oneself

Today, everything seems to be in order. No problems what so ever. Must have more of such days!

One of my ex-Saudi colleague Adam contacted me out of the blue. Didn't recognised his English name as he used a different name while in Saudi. We lost contact for a few years and I am glad that he contacted me. He is also one of the helpful guys you want to be around with. Unassuming and ever willing to help. Looking forward to talk and meet him.

So Much To Do
I just said yesterday I will have to slow down and before I know it, there is so much to do! Sigh... Preparing for the outstation trip is not so simple for me because I need to bring stuffs like the juicer, get sufficient vegetables and etc but this is not the problem. I need to resolve some family transportation issue.

My daughter's car which has been in the workshop for almost 3 weeks now since her accident and is still not ready. So I may have to postpone my Cameron trip for another week because I need to sort out and get her car back before I can go for my retreat. Don't know why it takes so long for a simple accident!

Exploring Hypnosis
From some literature that I read, I believe there are some phychological issues that I need to resolve. According to, healing of past trauma can accomplished through hypnosis. During a hypnotic trance you can safely, from a distance, go back and view old traumatic events with a new perspective. Re-processing these events "takes the sting" out of them. If done correctly, after a hypnotic review of a past traumatic event, you will still recall the event, it just won't seem as emotionally charged to you.

This is one of the areas I am now exploring.

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  1. Hi Bro. Chang,
    Happy to know that you have a good day- this could be a sign of your recovery. I have read also before about the effectiveness of hypnosis in sickness and pain as it involve the subconcious mind. You can read this link:

    Have a good day