Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lack Of Understanding Is Dangerous

The difference between can and cannot are only three letters. Three letters that determine your life's direction.
Remez Sasson

Today has been a very busy day for me. Suffice to say I spent quite a lot of time doing some spiritual work. In between doing the therapy and hence I only managed to sit down now to blog, that also after doing my night enema.

Hypnotherapy - Part 3
My hypnotherapist, Dr Chong has been checking on me regularly reminding me to practice total relaxation. She is keeping me on my toes. I have been doing only one session i.e. before I retire to bed and not the morning session because I need to go for qi gong, yes I know lame excuse. Just got the mp3 player and will make it up in mid morning instead.

Dr Chong has also offered to give me two more sessions (for free!) to help me. The second session will be to instill confidence in the therapy while the third session will be for regression.

What can I say? It not whether the therapy is free or not but she takes the effort to check up on me and reminding me. I am touched by such gestures. I am blessed to have her as my hypnotherapist. I intent to make full use of the sessions.

Lessons From Foo Hee Boon: Gifts of Life
I have just managed to complete reading Hee Boon's book. It was not so easy reading it at one go because he makes me cry. So I have to pace out but I could not control as the book near ends. Tears just rolled, no chance to control at all! What a journey it has been for him. Not easy, full of courage and difficult decisions to make. Do you know, no matter how many people are caring for you, the journey is very lonely and only you can make the decisions. He has lessons to share and I would like to talk a little about it as well from my viewpoint. This is not meant to critise for there is no such intention. The reason why he choose to make his journey public is for us to learn and benefit from his experience. Likewise, I expect others to also do the same about my therapies and I welcome such reviews/criticisms.

Choosing The Therapies
No matter what orientation a cancer patient has, there comes a point when all our believes just crumple and we hang on to whatever hope there is still left there. He started with the alternative medicines and progressively move back to conventional medicine.

Selecting any therapy to take is VERY DIFFICULT and it is an self experiment on our own body. We pay with our life for the mistakes we make by the therapy that we choose. You should also note that even when two persons have the same cancer and similar prognosis, taking the same therapy does not guarantee identical results. Why? This is because each individual's body immune system, state of mind and general health of the individual are very different.

While I will not comment on his choice of therapies, I think I need to point out one particular therapy that he did. This is because I think he erred in the understanding of the requirements of the therapy and if left unexplained, may give readers the impression about the effectiveness of the therapy which by the way is also not guaranteed. So what am I talking about?

On page 54, he says that he loosely follows the Gerson therapy (GT) and he went on to describe which area of the therapy that he adopted. There are quite a number of therapy that is quite similar to GT and if you read what areas that he followed in GT, I would leave you to conclude whether he followed the GT loosely or not. His diet was close, he did 6 or 7 juices (out of 13 recommended) a day, did not do coffee enema detox and did not take any of the recommended supplements. In between, he took outside food from restaurants and friends which is strictly prohibited. GT recommends a 18 to 24 months regime and he already deviated as early as 3 months into the therapy.

On page 162, as his cancer progressed further (24 April 2006, 13 months later), he did a review on whether the food therapy helped and he reported that "I am not sure. Maybe it did. ... Perhaps the cancer was too advance for the diet change to make a difference?" On the same day, he abandoned the cancer diet totally.

On page 44, his lung node was biopsied at around 2cm (first discovered on 12 March 2005). By 1 May, his tumor has metastasize to the bone and chest area. To give you an idea of severity, I had two lungs nodes of over 3cm on both my lungs and further 45 smaller nodes all over the lungs (besides my primary site 14cm kidney tumor). There is just no medicine for me, as my doctors would say.

The point I am making is this. Understand the therapy that you are doing, read the warnings if any (Dr Max Gerson said if cannot follow the requirements strictly, don't do it!), have faith in the therapy and give sometime for the therapy to work. Understand the deviation that you are doing and also its consequences because the price maybe your life!


  1. Is the budwig diet helpful? It's also regard as a cure but with cheese it doesn't seems right.


  2. Dear Eric,

    I have decided to write today's post in dedication to your sister and will share with you some of my views. It will take sometime for me to compose and do check in later today.

    Do remember I am not a doctor or a therapist, just another cancer patient.