Friday, January 20, 2012

Like A Yo-Yo

I have been back from China for two weeks now. Three days after coming back from China, I started to feel feverish and ever since, I have been feeling feverish on some days and then normal for a day before feeling feverish again. I am feeling much better now even though I am still afraid of the cold (from the wind blowing from the home fan) even at 32°C! Without the fan, I will sweat profusely. How ironic? This morning at about 4.30am, it started to rain. Suddenly I felt very cold on both my feet and hands as if cold air are constantly blowing on the skin of my feet and hands. I have been using some hot medicated oil to rub on my feet.

I have also been phasing out pain killers preferring to take a little healing pain from the abdominal area. Since yesterday, I have stopped taking any pain killer tablet, which I normally take one tablet at night so that the pain would not disturb my sleep. It's improving a little by the day and I guess it would take at least two months before I would be able to feel normal like just before the HIFU treatment. The pain on my right leg is also improving slowly but I have not recovered to the level just before I went to China. Tomorrow, I hope to try driving around the neighborhood to gauge if I am able to drive short distances.

Since I went China for the HIFU treatment, I have suspended Gerson Therapy (GT) and when I came back, I still have not resumed GT. In the meantime, I have been on a modified diet of vegetables and taking a little fish. I have lost a lot of weight (60kgs) while in China and now I hope to gain back some weight to about 63kgs. When that happens, I will resume back GT. Meanwhile, I am also adding back a therapy that I suspended for over 1 year ago. I will be resuming homeopathy treatment but under the supervision of a local homeopathy practitioner who also happens to be my friend. Another treatment that I am considering doing will be DCA which I have written before and  you can read it here. I consulted a nautropathic physician and he has suggested the recommended dosage of 8mg per day, taken twice a day, 8 hours apart with Purer tea. I am now timing when to start this therapy but it will depend on the progress of my HIFU treatment recovery. A patient will either respond to DCA or not. It's one of the cheapest cancer therapy. Another supplement that I will taking is Germanium.


  1. Chang,

    Happy, healthy CNY,


  2. Dear Kok Piew,

    Thanks. I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year too!

  3. Dear CT,you said it right that it would be 2 months after HIFU before you can feel the full effect of your china treatment.Just take it one day at a time and everyday its going to get better,believe in what you are doing and keep doing it without let up. Hers's wishing you Happy Chinese New Year and may the year of the Dragon brings you abundance of wealth,health and happiness. God Bless from AL MAL.