Monday, January 9, 2012

Where Am I?

Twenty nine (29) days just passed and now I am back home. That' how much time I have been away in Chongqing for my HIFU treatment. I will write about the HIFU treatment some other time as I feel there are somethings one should know about HIFU treatment (which you may not find people discussing it in the forums and also in the HIFU documentation).

One of the things that come to mind is how am I doing? Frankly, I am now very weak. I have lost weight and looked very thin and frail. This is expected because the HIFU treatment is a major procedure with the bulk of tumor tissues destroyed still inside the body. So the body is recovering and healing pains are expected. At this juncture, I have suspended the Gerson Therapy since I left for China on 10 December and the therapy will remain suspended (for about another half month or so) until the tumor pain heals. I have to be on a modified vegetarian diet to allow the body to heal from the treatment and also to gain back some weight. I have not been eating well or sleeping well while in Chongqing. However, I have been sleeping rather well since I came home.

The pain on my left leg has improved slightly, possibly assisted by the warm weather here. It's still very painful but when compared to when I was at Chongqing. I am not able to drive for the moment and will monitor the situation for another week before I decide the next course of action. Obviously, I will not have any treatment on my legs (or the bulging disc) until after the tumor pain heals. Meanwhile, I will proceed with the physiotherapy treatment as recommended by my orthopedic surgeon just before I left for China. At the moment, I am using pain killers to control the healing pain and as well as the legs pain. I have been coughing quite a bit since I came home and every cough causes severe nerve pain on my right leg (from the butt right to the toe).


  1. Thank you for ypurvtransfer candidness. Look forward to hearing more about your experience with HIFU.

  2. CT ,
    Welcome back home to Malaysia and the warm weather here.
    Don't worry so much about the sharing of HIFU and your driving at this moment.
    Take your time to organise and deal with things one at a time .
    What you need most now is a good rest and eat well, so that your body can recover fast and should take good care about the change of weather to your body system.
    Take care .
    God bless .

  3. Hi Chang

    Good to hear that you are safely home and hope you will benefit the most out from the treatment. Just take things easy and focus on getting better cos when you feel well and good, other things will fall in their places. As your are in the healing process where the tumor and cancer cells are being destroyed, you will lose lots of protein, thus it's of most impt that you increase your protein intake to make up for the loss so that your body will not be weaken further or allow cachexia to set in. At this point, I would not be so worried abt sticking to a vegetarian diet but advised on consuming fish and chicken (lean white meat)and whey protein as source of protein.....this is of course my personal opinion. Iron supplement at this point is also crucial considering the blood loss. Keep up the good work and faith that you are changing your own destiny by being in control of your own life! Cheers mate.

    joanne chee

  4. Welcome back home Chang. Relax.
    Regards Kevin Tan

  5. Dear CT, the best medication for recovering after treatment is rest and your body will gain the strength faster.Once your body is strong,you will be able to overcome.regards AL MAL.

  6. Bro. Chang,
    Welcome back & wish you a good rest & speedy recovery. Pray that the operation will enhance your health with the tumour tissue being killed. May the devas protect & bless you.