Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Healing Pains

Since I came back home, I have been sweating a lot. I also feel cold at times and not sure if I still have flu. So I used blankets at times to give myself the extra warmth. It's so weird. The temperature back home is so hot and yet I still feel cold. I wonder if my body has adjusted to the equatorial climate.

I have been resting a lot. The healing pain from the tumor area is quite consistent. It's not that painful but can be disturbng most times. I am trying to reduce dependence on pain killers. The pain from my right leg is more pronoumnced when compared to the healing pain. The only consolation is that the pain that I am experiencing now is not as painful when compared to in Chongqing. If I can reduce the pain from my leg pain, that would be wonderful and give me back my mobility. I am now looking at treatment options (other than back surgery) available to me. I have tried chiropractor and that did not help very much.

I have not responded to any of your comments, expecially when I was in Chongqing. This is because I have no access to blogger. So I like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your comments, support and encouragement.


  1. Chang,

    Since it is a major ops it certainly will need some time to fully recover.

    You hv gone so far, so much better than the first prediction when you were still in employment, so few more weeks now is no major problem for strong will power like you,

    Take more rest, no choice,

    rgds, kokpiew

  2. Dear CT, keep up the strength and have plenty of rest and before you know it your body resistance is up again and you will feel much better.Even holidaymakers when returned will feel lethagic and tired and need rest.Travelling overseas is always tiring.The key word is REST.God Bless regards AL MAL.

  3. Dear Chang. I too experienced the same when I came back from China last 2 weeks. From 2deg to 32deg, I secumb to 2deg for 16 days, it took me 2-3days to accomodate to our local tropical weather. So its normal. You will be ok soon. Cheers..fr Kevin Tan

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