Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year Blues

I have not been updating my blog for the past few days, just prior to Chinese New Year. Not that I am busy but rather, I was 'stuck' with some healing pains because I did not take any pain killers. I have been feeling the healing pain daily though I tried to ignore the pain as much as I can. I spent most of my time resting, lying down in bed or sitting on the chair. Where possible, I do try and do some walking around the little garden for some light exercises. But for the Chinese New Year, I decided to take the pain killer tablets, two a day, one on the day time and one at night so that I can have a more comfortable New Year.

Today, I woke up feeling not too well. My head was spinning a little bit and this went on for the whole day. Despite taking naps during the day, my condition did not improve. I also noticed that my left leg has been feeling a little bit cold and also sweating at the same time. My right leg was not affected. Rubbing it with some medicated oil helps for a while but soon the condition came back. I got no idea what's going on. What I did was just keep on massaging my left leg as much as I can.

This feeling of feverish in me still lingers on. Sometimes, I feel good and at other times, the feverish feeling would take over. When I feel cold, I would wear more clothing. Then I would sweat. This also made feel uncomfortable.

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  1. Dear Chang,

    I hope you will stay hopeful upon your recovery.Stay hopeful and be positive!We are sure that you will recover quickly from your sickness.

    Edgely :)