Friday, January 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I left the hospital after lunch yesterday and came back straight to the hotel and slept. I did not get to sleep at all the night before. My room mate woke up nearly every 1+ hour throughout the night! I was  really tired and so decided to catch up on some sleep first. I would say, I had not had good sleep since I stayed in the hospital because it was rather noisy at night .

Today, I took breakfast for the first time in the hotel after staying here for 26 days. I think the restaurant is not worth a second visit. What a shame for I feel that the hotel is quite good, a studio room, clean toilet and bed sheets. For me, it was a blessing in disguise as the plain porridge and food was exactly what I needed. My only complaint is the noise from the construction next door which goes on for 24 hours a day. This place is developing like Kuala Lumpur in the early 1990s, full of construction going on here and there, only on a much larger scale.

I am really glad that today is my second last day in Chongqing. It is cold and miserable here. I did not sleep well, did not eat well and was full of pain here and there during my stay here. I am looking forward to going home, away from this cold winter back to the warmth of the sun. I need the full sunshine to recharge.

I will leave Chongqing for Chengdu tomorrow morning  by train. Upon arrival, I will proceed straight to the airport to wait for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur. Back to my home sweet home!


  1. Chang,

    Leave those experience behind in Chongqing, come back as a healthier person. I m sure you know the HIFU treatment was good for you, save the surrounding environment.

    For a change just think who stayed in the hotel for the 26 days, then you could appreciate the strength they have to go through for your sake

    rgds, kokpiew

  2. Dear Chang. Glad to note that you are coming back soon. Ya China are very cold this winter, as I too just back from Yiwu. Quickly fly back and enjoy our usual tropical weather.
    Kevin Tan.

  3. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!!!


  4. Hi CT,

    that's your first rainbow ... homeward bound !

    Best wishes,


  5. Hi Bro. Chang,
    Happy that you have a successful operation. Hope you will recuperate fast in your Home Sweet Home.

  6. Dear CT,come back a new you after a sucessful treatment. All others are small compared to the treatment.Home is awaiting you.SELAMAT KEMBALI KE MALAYSIA,your home.Looking foward to hearing from you..AL MAL.

  7. So happy you have had a successful treatment and on the way home. Will catch up with when I go back for CNY. SY