Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Better

Last night, I finally managed to have some sleep. The feverish feeling is still there and I was also sweating profusely. Instead of staying all night to wipe of my sweat which is discomforting, I just slept. I am still afraid of the cold.

Today I did not take any pain medication in anticipation of the test at the clinic. I think I had mistaken that the visit to the clinic was to check on my lumbar spine problem. The clinic was recommended by a friend who said it might helped me. Anyway, it's a naturopathy clinic and since I was there, I thought why not just complete the test. Basically, the test just confirms my present problem and also recommended some alternative treatment options for me. It's not cheap and I am thinking if I should do the treatments.

Without the pain killers, the pain on my abdominal area is a little more painful but still bearable. Because I did not lie down that much today, the pain seems more pronounced. When I came back from the clinic and took a rest by just lying down flat, the pain subsided.

I think I am putting a back a little more weight as I am now eating much more each day when compared to when I was in China. Now, I am feeling a little bit warm, much like in the beginning when I started Gerson Therapy. This warmness is fine with me although it will mean I will be a little afraid of cold water. I think this is a good development.


  1. Good News CT. It take time to heal. Keep it up. Regards Kevin Tan

  2. Dear CT, i know it sounds boring when i say you need lots of rest,but its a must after all you have been through in China. Your body needs to recuperate and the only way is rest and things will be better soon.A fit person travelling on holiday will be tired after coming home with the change of climate,food etc and not forgetting the anxiety of staying in a different enviroment with the travelling time on flights,and airports and taxis and buses surely its more so for you with the treatments,hospital etc... so give yourself a chance to heal and all will be well.Take it easy and best regards for a great CONG XI FA AL MAL.