Saturday, January 28, 2012

Learning To Cope With Pain

I have been updating my blog a little late these days. This is because during daytime when I am not taking any pain killer, I feel like a zombie, half dead. I am experiencing a different level of pain since I underwent the HIFU treatment. I have not done any surgery, large or small in my life, so I am learning to deal with the healing pain. Most of the nights, I take a pain killer (normally after 10pm) because without the pain, I would sleep much better. It is also during this time, I feel much alive without much pain and also take the opportunity to update my blog.

Sometime back, I have reported about being seized by constant fever. Well, that fever has not left me and still comes back every now and then. Of late though, I have been having better days. Nowdays I feeling discomfort from the constant wind that blows from my home fan against the skin of my pair of hands and legs. Without the fan, it will be too hot and I will be sweating. So I tend to wear long sleeve t-shirts and track bottom during the day. It seems strange how weak I have become of late.

This evening, I attend my first Chinese New Year gathering at my friend's house which is just two blocks away from my house. I thought I would stay longer and chat with some friends that I have not met for a while but I was not feeling very good and was also feeling some pain at my abdominal area. Some of my friends that I have not met for a while commented that I have grown thinner. Anyway, I managed to stay for about a hour before I had to cut short my stay.

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