Monday, January 30, 2012

Hoping The Best

The last few days, I was having sleeping problems. During the day time, I spent much of my time resting by lying down in the bed and in the process, I dosed off. By the time night comes, I had sufficient sleep during daytime and therefore could not sleep at night. I am now adjusting my routine by trying not to sleep after 3pm. I would still lie down but for shorter period of time like 15 to 30 minutes max. I need to lie down to help my ease the strain on my back after sitting for too long. This morning, I spent my whole morning sleeping to catch up.

At present, there are three problematic areas for me. The first is my L4/L5 lumbar spine problem that has affected my right leg and giving me a lot of pain. The second is the healing pain from the HIFU treatment. This pain is bearable and not as bad when compared to my first problem. The third problem area is my on/off fever feeling. I don't think I will register a fever temperature when I use the thermometer but I do feel feverish/cold at times. I continued to sweat a lot, so much so I have to change a few t-shirts a day. One problem area that I have excluded is my coughing because it is not causing me that much pain anymore.

The last few days, my healing pain has improved. Touch wood! Every time, I reported some improvement, then the next day the problem came back. Anyway,  I hope for the best and also be less dependent on pain killers.

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  1. Hi C.T.,

    I also have the same lumbar spinal problem and the pain generated from the sciatica nerve which travels down towards the ankle can be excruciating at times when it gets inflamed. But so far, I managed to control it by sleeping on one side in a foetal position. Also keeping a good posture at all times seems to help a lot. Happy CNY.