Friday, January 13, 2012

Slow Recovery

I am still having fever. I have been feeling really uncomfortable because of the on and off fever that I have been getting and today, I feel even worse, hot and cold! So, I am taking some Acetaminophen (or paracetamol) round the clock today in an effort to shake off the fever by tomorrow. If not, I will see a doctor.

The HIFU treatment, even though is non invasive, is quite as bad as the actual surgery. For my case, due to the large kidney tumor, so my recovery period will be much longer. My doctors in China said of my recovery I am progressing well, although I my condition may change when I am back home. One of the important thing is to watch out of blood in urine or stools. I have been given Chinese medication to prevent bleeding and so far, there are no signs of it. Anyway, for the moment, the important things is to get myself to eat a little bit more nutritious foods and this may include steam fish for a short period of time. I have lost a lot of weight during my stay in China and it is important that I put back some weight first. I have anticipated this development and the risks involved before when I went for the treatment.

Next week, at the recommendation of a friend, I will be going for a test on my right leg to use some other non invasive methods of helping me to reduce the pain on my right leg. I will tell you more about it after the tests.


  1. ITs ironic.. you are having a fever! but I would say... yey! you have a fever! Cause fever is a sign of a body fighting for itself..!

    Happy new year Chang!!

  2. The key thing is what is the fever due to? You mentioned it's good cos your immunity is working. How do you come to a conclusion like that? I noticed that you hv been self-diagnosing a lot. It seems very dangerous to me. However, it is your life & one has the freedom to do whatever. I must say though of many cancer blogs, you have been one of the most honest about your condition and it certainly must be helping a lot if cancer patients out there to cope. I applaud you for that.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    It' quite difficult to actually diagnose what caused the fever that I am having even if I see a doctor. From quite a number of medical websites that I visited to read about fever, most would include having cancer as a likely cause of fever. I agree, self diagnosis is dangerous and when I undertook the alternative approach to treat my own cancer, I knew I had to take some risks and learn to understand and read signals from my own body and learn how to deal with it. For some non cancer related matters, I would of course consult the specialist doctors like my Lumbar bulging disc which is affecting my right leg.