Thursday, January 12, 2012

Less Mean More Pain

Yesterday, I was down with fever for the whole day. My head was a little heavy and I spent most of my time lying down resting. I was feeling a little cold and sweating the whole day. I thought things would improve today but that was not the case. The fever continued and like yesterday, I am resting. I am feeling a little better now, so I thought I would just make a short post today. Fever is good because it means that the immune system is working full swing.

Over the last two days, I noticed that there is a shift in pain on my right leg. Previously, when I cough, I would feel the full extent of the pain from the butt right to the toe. Now, as I cough, I don't feel so painful. Somehow, the cough is affecting the nerve on my right leg lesser now.  Somehow, I feel the pain on my right leg is not exclusively caused by the nerve pinching due to the bulging disc but a combination of the kidney tumor and the nerve pinching. Since now much of the kidney tumor is gone, it's contribution to the pain has reduced. The healing pain of the kidney tumor, however is still affecting me. Since I have reduce dependence on pain killers, I am experiencing more pain.

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  1. Dear CT,i am sure its healing pain more than anything else,give the China treatment a chance to take into full effect.Whats important for you is to keep up the strength so that your body can adjust to the treatment.Take it slow and steady.Best regards AL MAL.