Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recovering Slowly

I have been having low fever for about 5 days in a row now. What is discomforting is the feeling of hot and cold effects at the same time. Anyway, I still feel feverish but not as bad as the last few days. Last night, I thought I will have a good night's sleep but it was not to be. For dinner, I ate a little fish, my first taste of meat for over 28 months and later the night, I began to have stomach discomfort and I was feeling a little hungry. Had an oatmeal but the stomach discomfort grew and churning all night. Finally early today, I vomited everything that I took since last night, much of it still undigested. I believe it could be due to the meat that I took last night. My stomach may not be used to processing meat and I learned of this effect from my vegetarian friends.

I am feeling much better now and taking some light meals. Tomorrow, I will be going to a clinic to check on my lumbar spine problem which has been affecting my right leg. I am now walking with a limp. Since I came back from China, my right leg problem has been improving by the day. Now when I cough, it's not affecting my nerves that much, hence it's not as painful as before. The knee joint area on my left leg is still painful and I hope to get a diagnosis as well. The pain from the former kidney tumor area is still painful but bearable. I think it's improving as well.

I could not boot up my PC since this morning and decided to give it a rest and try later the day. Only now I managed to get it to boot. I am not sure what's the problem. Most of the time it seems to hang after boot-up, so I have to restart at least twice each time. Maybe time to reformat and reinstall.


  1. Use the natural detergent green bean to remove the fever.

    Boiled green bean and drink.

  2. What was your expectation when you embark on the HIFU treatment? Was the hospital/doctors transparent with you regarding the treatment and the expected side effects?

  3. according to Gerson, fever should help you heal.. dont focus on healing the symptoms by taking internal medicines.. take lots of rest, water and cool yourself in otherways (sponge baths)...

  4. remember that most spontaneous cancer remission is brought about by high grade fever (unexplainable for most doctors cause they cannot attribute the fever to infection)...

  5. In the name of Jesus and by the power of the blood of Jesus which heals both physical and spiritual pain,, I command every cancer cell in your body to DIE and that your immunity help you to withstand this internal battle between good and bad cells.

    May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you at this junction, while you are going through healing pains..That the Lord bestow His grace upon you, knowing that we cannot really keep to our lists of do's and don'ts -- that at the end of it all, we need God's mercy, undeserved grace & merit and love...

    The Lord bless you and keep you.. and His light shine upon you...

    All this I ask in Jesus name... Amen!