Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fever Continues

I thought that things would return to normalcy on Saturday but by nightfall, the fever returned. Yesterday, I was again down with fever. I went to the doctor and he said I caught a flu and gave me some medications, something for my cough, fever and flu. I could not sleep again last night as I was feeling hot and cold at the same time. My breathing was also heavy. It was really uncomfortable the whole night.

I feel a little better today but as the day progressed, I am feeling a bit cold again. Sigh... I have contacted my doctors in Chongqing, China telling them of my fever problem and see if they have some recommendation for me. There are still some pain around my tumor area. I have to be more patient as I think it would take a lot more time than I anticipated for the healing to take place.

A cancer friend sent me an email about a therapy called Fever therapy which is being practiced at 6 clinics in Germany. Apparently, former President Regan also undertook the therapy while he was the sitting President of USA. Yes, fevers kills cancer cells while normal cells can tolerate the additional heat. I am still reading more about the therapy and will write about it some other time. In Gerson Therapy, fever is actually a good sign, a sign of healing taking place.

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  1. Fever and high temperature kills cancer. Lesser side effects herbs such as ginger can kick-start the immune system into action and so fight the cancer naturally. Take ginger preferably in the day. If you want to take it at night, control the quantity because excessive heat can disturb sleep.

    High fever is a beneficial response to disease and it is wrong to lower it immediately with medicines like cooling herbs and panadol. The immune system works best at higher temperature. Therefore fever and high temperature boosts the immune system and we should be mindful about interfering immediately. If the fever is not too high, let it prolongs for about a day or two and go without meals. Or else we get an illness which will never be properly resolved the natural way and unknowingly contributing the disease to go on for years malingering away.