Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back Home Again

Yesterday, I spent most of the day traveling home. I left my hotel about 6.30am in Chongqing to catch the 8am train to Chengdu. I reached the train station about 6.50am and it was really cold outside. There were already crowds waiting to enter the train station to take their respective trains. The train ride was smooth and on time to Chengdu East Railway Station. From there, we took a cab straight to the Chengdu Airport.

The plane took off late and I think we were traveling almost for 25 minutes before we reached the runaway for take off. The Captain reported the delay was due to heavy plane traffic. The ride back to Kuala Lumpur seemed so slow. I think over 80% of the passengers on the plane were Chinese nationals either traveling to Malaysia for holidays or for work. My brother, sister and father met us at the airport at about 9pm to welcome us back. I have never been so glad to appreciate the warmth of the weather over the cold in Chongqing.

Last night, I had little difficulty sleeping thought there were pains all over my body, especially my right leg and also the pain from the kidney tumor healing.

Woke-up this morning at about 8.30am and had oats for breakfast. I was not feeling very comfortable and I think I may have caught the chill on the way back from China. I spent most of the today resting. I also took 1 pill of the Ultracet pain killer and was wondering if I should take the morphine sulfate tablet tonight to manage my body pain?

I would like to express my appreciation and thank my friend for taking so much trouble and time to update this blog on my behalf during my stay in Chongqing in China.


  1. Dear CT,thank God all mighty,you back home safe and sound,its expected that you be tired after the journey,yes take any medication that will make you feel better thats the benefit of medication,it will make you feel better just so you can relax and rest for the body to adjust its natural strength.I am happy to note that you are home and safe.Its a new year and i am sure is a new beginning to being well again.God Bless and keep strong in your dedication to getting better without letting up.I have faith in you and you are surely an inspiration to many.Regards AL MAL.

  2. Hi CT,

    Welcome back to your loved ones !

    Rest, recover & regenerate !

    Best wishes,


  3. Welcome home Chang and take a good rest too!Stay upbeat as always!