Friday, June 10, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Everything passes by. We are witnesses of all this. We are the perceivers. Life comes and goes. Happiness comes and goes. Sorrow comes and goes. You are just a witness of change. Experience it, understand it, and enjoy the present moment - this too shall pass. How true for me!

I have been having weekly lunch with my brother and sisters for a few months now. They have made it a weekly affair and I must say our siblings bonding has never been better. What has not changed however, are their worrisome faces. I guess when one member of the family have a illness like cancer, the others in the family are bound to worry. I have told them many many times, there is no need to worry about me anymore. As far as the therapy is concerned, I have and am still trying my best I can. I am living life as best and as happy as I can. In fact, I am very happy to have lived for over 21 months and still counting. My problems are few in comparison to what I see in some of my cancer peers. I have made a contract with my tumors. I live and they live by turning into normal cells.

At this moment, I have a great desire and urge to travel above all else, to places that I have not been before. I have only a few places on my list. Immediately on my sights are Tibet and Everest Based Camp. Passing 2011 will be another achievement for me and I look forward to planning my trip in 2012. But first, I must ensure my lungs are fully functioning because those are high altitude places. I have learned some strong breathing exercises and will be learning the Sundarshan Kriya, one of the most comprehensive breathing techniques derived from the yogic science of breath and taught by the Art of Living (AOL) Foundation. Independent research has shown that Sundarshan Kriya and accompanying practices significantly:
- reduce levels of stress
- benefits the immune system
- reduce cholesterol
- relief anxiety and depression
- enhance health, well being and peace of mind

A reader, Swee Seng has been sending me information about this course called the AOL. I must admit that she has been "nagging" me about this course repeatedly via emails over a period of time. But I must thank her for her persistency and also for sending me some literature about AOL. After reading it, I thought there is more to gain and so I have decided to follow her to the center to learn more the next time round. One of the immediate benefit is I will sleep better!


  1. Have you read material from Hulda Clark.

    I read about a kidney cancer patient.

    Her book "The cure for all cancers" page 451, the patient Gail Lima.

    I read this, this morning, it is a PDF is downloaded from

    The Doctor claims, Kidney cancer is unusual place to have cancer. The report is very detailed but do not show the end results because the book had to be published. The maybe other cases towards the front of the book.

  2. Dear John,

    I have read some of Dr Hulda Clark's materials and also about her theory of cancer which is caused by a parasite. I have also investigated the zapper machines that are on sale online.

    As you know, there are so many theories on what causes cancer. Besides her Cure For All Cancers, I have also read Dr. William Donald Kelley's One Cure for Cancer and not forgetting Gerson Therapy is also a cure for all cancers, Dr Joanna Budwig's protocol and many others. I am not trying to discredit Dr Hulda or anybody's work but just to state that there are so many alternative cancer therapies out there that makes it difficult for a cancer patient to choose. I have not discounted the possibility one day I will buy the zapper machine and use it together with colloidal silver.

    I have found that stage 4 kidney cancer is rather difficult to treat. Conventional medicine has no successes at all and there are few known or published cases of patient with this cancer using alternative therapies. In fact I have not read about a single success to date, not even at Gerson Clinic. But I am not giving up.

  3. Hi CT,
    I agree that Dr. Hulda Clark's book is quite hard to follow. Although I find that her theory is worth revisiting . Last week, I found out that my mother have hardening of the arteries (aorta), which I find hard to believe as she had very good levels of good/bad cholesterol even before cancer. Just found at that hardening of arteries is also caused by the same bacteria that causes tooth decay. Several of her teeth are decayed and in fact pronounced "dead" by a holistic dentist, so had to be extracted. If bacteria can cause hardening of arteries, then there must be some grain of truth in Hulda Clark's theory. I had my mercury amalgam filling after I read her book though I have read about mercury amalgam in Kelley's book as well as the Gerson THerapy. It was Clark who really encouraged me to take action. However, I still find that Clark makes me too paranoid sometimes.. I met someone in the Philippines last week who really followed her guidelines, but it seems she is so isolated from the rest of the world, that even her neighbor's children are laughing at her whenever she walks out of her condo unit.

  4. Dear Nanay,

    I find her theory interesting and at one point of time, on the verge of ordering the zapper machine because it made sense to me. I had my amalgam fillings all removed, all 8 + 1 root canal extracted as part of the Gerson therapy.

    I have a friend (not a cancer patient) who is now doing Dr Clark's parasite cleanse after reading her book. I am following her progress and eager to see the outcome.

    Whatever alternative therapy that you are doing, there will always be people that will view it differently (even from same family members). I think so long as we know what we are doing, we stand by our conviction.

  5. I've ordered terminator zapper and tower busters from Don Croft. I hope to get it next week.

    Dr. Clark therapy would be to first one i have come across which actually gives an idea of how someone has become sick. Quiet impressive.

    Most therapies talk about depleted foods, chemicals, artificial perservative and additives. Dr Clark gives the actuals.

    To me, if you can keep the parasites in check, the body will detox the metals. That's probably an over simplified statement.

    My wife always talks about worms from the time we have met. I did not think much about worms being harmful. Maybe ignorance in thinking that our food is clean and safe. II think she has been on the right track.

    I might in and make a zapper device tomorrow. The young boy and wife are both sick. I'll wait for the better device till later next week.

    I think zapping is a good adjunctive therapy. It does no harm.

  6. Hi John and CT,

    a holistic doctor we saw in the Philippines, told me that zapping needs to be done at the right timing.. I cannot remember it though. She also mentioned that body cleansing has to be done in a specific order-- colon cleansing, liver cleansing and kidney cleansing.. cant remember where the zapping should come in before or after..anyway, I really find Clark's theories resonate well with what we found out in the last few weeks.. its just overwhelming to think about molds and parasites in almost everything food, sofa, bed, office.. it seems I have to spend a fortune for a complete overhaul. Oh by the way! Clark also encouraged the whole family to get rid of our regular tooth pastes and use baking soda instead. We all have brand new tooth brushes now. Even my daughter loved the baking soda for brushing her teeth.. we also now have a Vitamin C powder shaker in our kitchen counter-- for adding on grains or even tea (from tea bags)-- which is supposed to address the mold contaminations..

    Hi CT,
    Have you heard about the Andy Cutler protocol for detoxing mercury after amalgam removal? Did you use DMSA and ALA as well? Did you experience a mercury dump phase, 6 months after ther removal?

  7. Just saw your entry regarding your root canal and amalgam removal. It looks like, it has been 6 months has already past. Please kindly look at the Andy Cutler site Aine from seemed to have told you the same thing last January.

    I have just emailed a DAN biomedical consultant (John Yeo) in Singapore-- he is experienced in mercury chelation mainly for Autism. Just asked him if he is familiar with the Andy Cutler Protocol, will keep you updated.

  8. Dear Nanay,

    I am not aware of the Andy Cutler protocol.

    Before I did the amalgam removal, my dentist got me in touch with a naturopathic doc who put me on a chlorella mercury detox for one week before I began the removal. Each week, my dentist would only remove 1 tooth. Meanwhile I continued the chlorella detox for another 3 weeks. So far nothing extraordinary happened.

  9. Hi CT,
    Please consider reading about the Andy Cutler Protocol. Andy says Chlorella, just move mercury around your body, but does not chelate or remove it the way DMSA and ALA Does.

  10. I will check the protocol out.

    I am not sure if I will do it. This is because I am already using zeolite minerals to do heavy metal detox, not just for mercury but all heavy metals for quite sometime now. Thanks anyway.