Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Improving By The Day

Yesterday, the traffic condition at certain parts of the city was bad. Later I found out that the reason for the massive traffic jam was due to the earthquake in Indonesia which was also felt in various parts of the city. As people evacuated from high rise buildings and converged on the roads, the traffic flow was affected. In the past, tremors and tsunami are unheard of in Malaysia. In 2004 the tsunami came to Malaysian shores and since then tremors are also beginning to be felt more frequently in various parts of the country.

My TCM Physician, Associate Professor Dr Tan gave me 5 days of herbs to consume in powder form. For a start, he said the herbs that he prescribed are not that strong as he wanted to gauge how my body would react. I will do a follow up 5 days later. Yesterday I took two doses of the herbs. I think the herbs are a bit warm because I could taste some burning smell when I took the herbs.

My sleeping problem is improving. Yesterday I slept just past midnight and woke up a few hours later for night urine. My body was feeling a little warmer than usual and I was wondering why? Then I remember the herbs that I took. I went back to sleep and work up about 6.30am but I was still very tired and continued my sleep until 9am. I am happy with my current progress. Other than the sleeping problem and restless legs, everything is back to normal, no coughs, no pain and my appetite is good. My energy levels are coming back and I am feeling less tired.


  1. Hi CT
    I am so happy to hear that you are beginning to sleep well again. Will continue to pray that you will continue to improve day by day. My heart is full of joy for you. :)


  2. Hi Chang ... I am happy for you !


  3. that's good news.

    Maybe next month or so , you introduce one therapy at a time for X period of time, go off it and start a new adjuntive therapy.

    happy for you

  4. Readers can suggest this and that therapy. But who is there to help when Chang suffers the side effects? While he has to do something for himself, he should not treat his body like a guinea pig Doing something for oneself means doing it lovingly and with care. I think we readers should be careful what we suggest. Would we put the same things in our bodies? Why dont we try it out ourselves before we recommend it to him?