Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Frustrating Week

Last few days, I have not been sleeping well. Yesterday, I woke up about 3am and then could not sleep back until 5am and then slept until 9am. It's a bit frustrating but it's better than not able to sleep. I think it will take a while before I can go back to my normal sleeping routine. One of the problem that is still affecting my sleep in my restless legs. Massaging my feet, although temporary does bring relief and allows me to continue to sleep.

I have stopped taking my TCM medication for a day. This is because the herbs make me feel a little warm in the night, especially on my legs which disturbs my sleep. Yesterday, I asked my TCM lecturer for an explanation and he said this is because the blood that is circulating the body could not complete its course and got blocked when it reaches the legs due to insufficient qi. He suggested that either I take my herbs early in the day so that the warmness caused by the herbs can be dissipated before night falls. The other way is to have a warm bottle of water on my chest area to help draw the blood circulation back from the feet to the upper body.

Burzynski - the film
The story of anteneoplastons.

This video will be available for free viewing until 20 June 2011. This film is a recommended watch for all cancer patients. Click here to watch the video clip.

Here is the original story published by Chris Woollams. When Catherine had her glioma I talked to several people about going to see Burzynski. Everybody (oncologists, cancer charity etc) said he was a quack. I will forgive them as that was back in 2003/4. But if I thought he had potential then, why didn't others who were closer to the coal face in the treatment of brain tumours? Interestingly, Burzynski has treated all manner of cancers from breast to lymphoma.

Please be clear: Burzynski is clearly now established as no quack. Anteneoplastons do have an effect. However, they do NOT work on everybody, and even Burzynski is unsure why. You can read more here.

It's rather unfortunate that this non toxic cancer cure is not yet available to all cancer patients generally and is currently in Phase III of FDA trials which costs US$25 million to conduct.

Mohd Shafiq Update
A reader from Australia, John suggested using a zapper to help Shafiq. I took up his suggestion and proposed it to my friend, Yeong during the TCM class last night. He then remembered that one of his friend owns a digital zapper and he would borrow it from his friend. I will be responsible for learning on how to operate it and thereafter teach Shafiq's sister on how to program it. Yeong who is a distributor for CaCare TCM cancer herbs, will contact Shafiq's mother for permission to try the zapper on him. We agreed that at this stage, there is no harm to try.

On my part, I have translated the instructions into Malay and also obtained the CAFL (Consolidated Annotated Frequency List) frequency for Soft Tissue Sarcoma. The trial will be over 21 days, 2 sessions a day and if Shafiq shows improvements, then the trial period will be increased to 3 months or longer. I would also propose that they buy the zappper then. A total of about RM900 (US$300) was collected from the donors for Shafiq's birthday and will use the money for that purpose.


  1. Hi, It is so nice to have someone listen to my advice. My sister would not listen to me, even on her death bed. I quote her "It's my disease".
    Little did she know that it is everyone's disease and all can help.

    The zapper that you are going to use on Shafiq sounds to me as a frequency generator(Dr Royal Rife) which is different to the zapper i have just received which is a Don Croft zapper (zapper plus orgonite (qi energy), crystals, energy coils). I'm all for both.

    Frequency generator finds the frequency of the cancer(virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite) and destructs it by resonance. Like a pitching fork that's vibrating and is held adjacent to another pitching fork with the same frequency and starts to vibrate.

    The zapper works by sending a 10 micro amp current at 9volt , square wave and pulsed at 15hertz. This kills via electrification the same nasties listed about.

    CT can you tell more about the unit and the frequencies, eg, the name of the unit, the CAFL's

    I've had my zapper from Friday. I can't believe how good it works. My tooth ache which i have had since my tooth filling was done 4 weeks ago, GONE. The tinnitus is dimming down. And the big for me is that i have a Paroxymal Chorea Athetsos. Quite a hand full to say, hehe. it's a movement dis-order. Which controlled by Dilantin. I would like to say fully under control using the zapper but it is not quite there. I did not think the zapper would affect my major dis-order.

    The other thing, is my frozen shoulder, like the other guy who reads your blogg has. It has been gone the last two nights. For the pass 6 weeks i have slept with 4 layers over my body. It still feels like ice. These pass two night just a normal sleep wear top.

    I believe that you believe your cancer is a parasite of some sort. You would have taken the fungus killer if you did not believe. Using a zapper is safer option but there could be more to get ride of the cancer than just killing off the parasities and bugs. As Dr. Hulda Clark said in her books, there are solvents which are just no good like isoproper alcohol (rubbing alcohol) ( i hope that stuff you have been rubbing on does not have this alcohol in it). I hope you do not use that when preparing your daily jabs in the bottom.
    Even my wife who is a nurse, knows of the effects of this alcohol if it enters the body.

    Good luck

  2. after watching the first 7 minutes of the Burzynski movie, now i understand why urine therapy. Urine has anti neo plastons in it. But you can't drink your own if you are sick with cancer, should probaby drink someone elses who is well.

  3. Dear John,

    Thanks for the info. Currently, I have stopped taking my B12+liver daily injections since I had my sleeping problems.

    I have not seen the actual unit yet but according to my friend, the unit was Dr. Clark's design, so I think its the Zapper Digital LCD 2011 Model (now on offer: US$299) or maybe an earlier model. Dr. Hulda's zapper uses 10 frequencies for each illness that can be programmed into the unit. The zapper then run the frequencies preset in positions 1-10 for 10 minutes each (override possible). So each therapy will run a total of 1hr 40 mins.

    The CAFL contains the frequencies from many sources combined into one list in the late 1990s. The CAFL list provides Royal Rife Machine and Zapper Digital users a programmable guide to use their Electronic Therapy device with various illnesses and diseases. You can download the CAFL frequency list here:

    We all hope we can do something to help the boy.

  4. Dear John,

    NEVER drink someone's else urine, not even if it belongs to a baby!

    For me, even though I had kidney cancer, I still drank my own urine for three months (before I started Gerson therapy) and nothing bad happened to me. In fact I experienced positive developments, the most obvious was detoxification. I completely cleansed my colon in one week.

  5. CT,

    I am curious. How do you know that your colon is completely cleansed? How and when do you drink your own urine? Was it difficult on first attempt? Would this also work on a person with no cancer to detax colon?

    Hope you can share. My sincere thanks.

    You have a very honest blog.

    Wish you well.

  6. Urine therapy has been used by healthy people since ancient times and not confined to people who are sick. In fact, many sick people would not drink it thinking it will make them worst.

    If you are a first time user of the therapy, one of the effect you will note is that soon after (about 2 weeks or so) you will experience a wonderful laxative effect for about a week.

    The first urine of the day is the best, soon after you wake up. Collect the middle stream of about one cup. It's taste a little salty and often have an aftertaste. Normally, most people drink only once a day.

    For starters, you may want to stopped breathing when you drink the urine or alternatively hold your nose. After drinking, you may want to drink a cup of water or take something sweet and brush your teeth immediately. It will remove any aftertaste. The first few times are most difficult. If you really find it difficult to drink first time, you may want to mix with some water and slowly reduce the water percentage.

    The taste and smell of the urine depends on what you ate the night before. If you took a lot of meat, then the smell will be stronger. You should also drink some water before you retire to bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night for night urine, drink back some water.

    We have been brought up that urine is dirty and that created fear. Most people are not aware of the composition of urine and it's very safe to drink your own urine.

  7. CT,

    Thanks for the explanation.

    By wonderful laxative effects, does it mean you get diarrhea? or would it be a similar effect if one were to do a colon hydrotheraphy?

  8. It would be similar colon hydrotherapy. Urine therapy does it more naturally. It's quite intense the first day and it slowly taper off towards the end of the 7th day. Yes, there is so much to clean that your body needs that many days. Observe each discharge to see what was stored inside your colon and intestinal tract.

  9. CT,hat

    Again, thanks for your prompt response.

    It just amazes me that my children's science text teaches that urine, sweat, etc throws unwanted stuff out of the body.

    Here, you mentioned that it detoxifies and cleanses.

    I guess I might give it a go after I've psyche myself up a bit. Are you stil on this?

    One last question, if you don't mind, would the discharge be substantially different from the normal? I mean, how would one know the colon is being cleansed? This would probably mean that after one week, one actually does feel lighter and more energeic, perhaps?

    This might be a whole load of silly questions to take up your time but I am fascinated by what you share since I discovered your blog a month ago.

    Thank you.

  10. The composition of the urine comprises about 95% purified, sterile, watery solution and balance contains small amounts of almost all the life-sustaining elements, enzymes, proteins, hormones, antibodies and immunising agents that our blood contains. These excess elements not required by the body are discharged but by drinking your urine, you are recycling it back into your body. Urine must be drunk fresh, the longer you wait, the more difficult to drink and in any case, no later than 15 minutes after collection.

    The discharge in the beginning are normally blackish mucus, very smelly, not your ordinary feces. Sometimes you will also notice some undigested foods.

    Other benefits you will noticed over time are improvement in your skin texture, more radiant, pinkish and also smoother.

  11. CT,

    Thank you. Now to pick up the guts and do this!

  12. i found yr explanation abt restless legs useful and much food for thought. i been experiencing it too. drs scheduled me for a heart specialist appointment but i think they got it wrong. it has nothing to do with my heart.