Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Forward

I managed to sleep quite well yesterday. Anyway I try not to think so much of it anymore and will just let it flow. If I can sleep, good if not, it's OK. The expectation and constantly thinking about it is not helping but it creates another level of stress.

My friend Yeong has been quite helpful and through his contact, I hope to get hold of a plastic container (used in fish farms) which I will modify into a bath tub. I am hoping to start my bicarbonate dialysate bath soon.

Physically, my condition has stabilised. The sleeping and restless legs problems would soon pass. I think the next thing I would like to do is to work on my mind. I will resume my therapy with my hypnotherapist and work on visualisation.

I went to see another TCM physician yesterday evening to get a second opinion, so to speak. After a lengthy examination, I was given some medication in pill form. When I came back, I took the medication and I think the medication is not so warm because my body did not react adversely after that.

Zapper Digital
Yesterday, I managed to get hold of the zapper. However, I noticed that the unit is a much older model, possibly about 2 years or older. Although the it's called a zapper digital, nothing about it is digital at all, the setting of the frequency is through an analogue dial. It also claims to be a programmable zapper and contains a digital panel display but I could not find any button on the unit to do the programming and also I did not find any panel display either. All it had was just a mains on indicator light.

It did not come with a manual and I tried looking for a copy of the manual from Dr Hulda Clark's website but they did not have any information about older models at all. So, I think I will have to search elsewhere for more information about how to operate the device. There are 10 frequencies for each illness and the frequencies are very precise up to two decimals point. Obviously, setting it up using an analogue dial is going be be difficult because it is not possible to set the decimal points such as 0.13.

Anyway, Yeong told me that his friend has another model, hopefully a newer model.


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  2. you will need a oscilloscope to test the output frequency to get an accurate output frequency. There are youtube videos on how to use an oscilloscope, if can you find an oscilloscope.