Thursday, June 2, 2011

Primum Non Nocere

Last Sunday, I had dinner with a friend and she reminded me of something that I almost forgot! Primum non nocere (first do no harm)! Lately, all those problems that I have been experiencing is due to my own non adherence to this principle! Sometimes, I get lost in the midst of my own problems and forgot the fundamental rule to recovery is primum non nocere. So from now on, I will chose my food and therapies carefully.

Last Monday during the meeting with Lothar Hirneise, he mentioned something encouraging about lung tumors. He said that cell division in the lungs are very slow and as a result, lung tumors also grows very slowly. He knows of a friend who despite having lungs tumors and did not take any medication (conventional or alternative) and lived for over 7 years. So for people with lung tumors, the therapy is considered effective when the lung tumors does not grow and one can continue to live like this for many years to come. Very nice of him to explain after learning of my lung tumors. Many of those people that took treatment that harmed the body just did not survive.

Yesterday, just after dinner, I was feeling a little uncomfortable and had to lie down. My daughter said my hands felt unusually warm. Just when I thought things are coming back to normal, I was not able to sleep until about 4am. Sigh. What's the problem now? Yesterday I experienced body heatiness or warmness but I did not have fever. My whole body was so warm that I just could not sleep. I took some fruits and it did not help very much. So, I had to use water to cool my body down and when it finally did about 3am. I was also feeling hungry by then and had my oatmeal. Suddenly instead of feeling warm, I started to feel cold! I have not experienced these before. My legs also started feeling weak, so I took a warm water foot bath with bicarb. I managed to sleep after that and woke up 10.30am this morning.

Because of SSG (Sabah Snake Grass), had to skip two juices to accommodate it. Otherwise, there just too much juices to drink. I am spitting out more sticky whitish phlegm. I am sure the backache is caused by SSG. So, I will add a little ginger to counteract the coolness of the herb. My sister's friend couriered some SSG to me all the way from Johore. The leafs are very matured (leafs much more greener and thicker and if you chew the leaf, it taste slightly bitter). My earlier batch of leafs are only about 5 weeks old (tender, light green in color, not bitter when chewed). Does it makes a difference? My guess is that matured leafs should be more potent.

Modern Oncology
I am not against conventional nor am I for alternative therapy. I subscribe to what Frank Wiewel, President of People against Cancer, USA said:

We believe people with cancer have two fundamental rights - the right to know and the right to choose.

And so I thought I let you know what was reported in Mind Your Body Supplement, Pg. 22, The Straits Times, Singapore on 29 November 2006. Dr. Ang Peng Tiam, medical director of the Parkway Cancer Centre is a Singapore President’s and a leading senior consultant medical oncologist. He is also vice-chairman of the medical sub-committee of the Breast Cancer Foundation.

This oncology expert said …
- Oncology is not like other medical specialties where doing well is the norm.
- In oncology, even prolonging a patient’s life for three months to a year is considered an achievement.
- Achieving a cure is like striking a jackpot!
- Not all cancers can be cured.

As doctors, we try our best to cure those who can be cured, to control the disease for those whose lives can be extended, and to comfort those for whom little can be done.


  1. Hi Chang,

    I think most doctors here have been going through their professional activities for so long that they tend to become insensitive to patients' needs. As years go by, these very senior and popular doctors become impatient and even arrogant. There is at least one such doctor in Penang.

    You are fortunate that you have the intellect, resilience and very strong mind to fight cancer. The average patient is not like that.

    For this, I keep on assuring you that you will succeed in destroying the cancer cells in no time.

    Strive on with diligence!

    Take care.

  2. Dear Justin,

    I think the problem does not lie with the doctors but rather the bad system that they work in. Whether you are in England, USA, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia or anywhere in the world, they follow the same system.

    But so long as we consumers also buy into the system, then we have only ourselves to blame.