Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Tumors = No Cancer?

The last CT scan I did was in November 2010. It's now more than six months since my last scan and I do not have any intention of doing further scans, at least for the time being. Although, a scan allows me to see the development of my tumors, I see no point in conducting six monthly scans. Every scan that I did (based on past experience) will show some improvements here and some developments there. For example, I have 46 tumors in both my lungs. A scan results might say three small nodes has disappeared since the last scan. Well, my prognosis is still very poor but maybe my therapy is holding. Next scan it will probably see, three smaller nodes have grown slightly bigger. So is it now the therapy is not working? I see what all these scans are doing to me, so I should not let the results dictate me. Other than create a false sense of happiness and creating more stress, it does not help me at all. At the end of the day, I should know better because my body will tell me if I am doing badly.

Mohd Shafiq Update
We are getting the new zapper later today and I believe it's a newer model. I will upload an image of the zapper later the day. The owner after hearing the seriousness of Shafiq's case has even programmed the frequencies into the zapper. All we need to do now is to test operate it and then teach Shafiq's sister. So as not to waste anymore time, we will visit Shafiq tomorrow morning.

Please sent your prayers and positive thoughts to Shafiq and we hope to see some positive improvements. I am really happy to note that people are generally willing help out those in need.

Message from Roslini, Shafiq’s auntie:

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the generous donation and support given towards my family and me.

Your contribution really means a lot to us.

Currently he is on morphine . ( Plaster type and solution type).
He sleep a lot and does not have appetite and do not take much solid food.
We use the money to buy him supplementary food (vegetables and fruits extraction which is high with enzyme).
He looks more energetic with this supplementary food.

I would like to thank all of you again for the kindness and generosity given.

No Tumors = No Cancer?
That's what allopathic doctors will tells us and all medical treatments are designed to achieved that aim. I am not taking another bash at conventional medicine but merely stating a fact. When you see a cupboard that has been infested with white ants, the most common thing people do would be to remove the infested cupboard and throw it away. At the same time everyone knows the white ant problem has not ended because they are hidden deep underneath the house. To get rid of the white ants, it is not sufficient just to get rid of the infested cupboard. No infested cupboard = no white ants does not hold. Most people knows this. This analogy is similar to the cancer in the body. Removing the tumor symptom is clearly not good enough. Why do you think there are so many recurrences? While the doctors are systematically locked into the system, do we as patients and caregivers still want to take the same view?

I would like to share and discuss something interesting that I read in Lothar Hirneise's book Chemotherapy Cures Cancer And The World Is Flat.

We are told, the earlier the tumor is detected, the better. But in reality is that the earlier the tumor is detected, the earlier the patient dies because they tend to start the therapy earlier, so they die earlier. Just ponder for a while. Furthermore, many patients "dies" on hearing the word cancer!

Suppose we carry out an experiment where mice were divided into three groups. The first group are healthy mice while the second group consist of mice that are in preliminary stage of cancer. The third group has already developed cancers. Now answer these two questions:
1. Which group mice has the best immune system?
2. Which group of mice can withstand the most poison when injected into their body before they die?

Question 1 is rather straight forward. Most in the conventional and alternative fraternities will agree that mice with tumors have poor immune system. What will your answer be for question 2? Logically, those mice with poor immune system (mice with tumors) would not be able to withstand more toxins in the body and would die first. Would this hypothesis hold?

Have you really wonder why tumors develop in the body? We know that the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin are the main detoxifying organs in the body. We also know that for cancer patients, these organs are not functioning optimally and so how does the body deal with the toxins it encounters daily? The liver being the main detoxifying organ is not able to flush out the toxins, where do your think the toxins will be stored? As it turns out, under self preservation, the human body creates the tumor to store the toxins. Lothar call the tumors the "second liver" in his book. This may sound a little far fetch.

In an experiment carried out by nutrition scientist, Dr Catherine Cousmine many years ago, she demonstrated that mice with preliminary cancer can only be given 34% of the total quantity of toxins that healthy mice can bear. But the mice that has fully developed cancer can be given 200% of the toxin quantity than that of a healthy mice. If the tumors are cut off, then 1gm of the tumor mass is even capable of storing 15 times the quantity of toxins!

So it is not that difficult to imagine if surgery is performed to remove the tumors, the body will have to built new tumors elsewhere if it were to survive. Of course, there are other clinical studies to prove that surgery induces metastasis. Please read my earlier posts.

So will you still want to believe the theory no tumors = no cancers or should I rephrase no tumors = no life. It also becomes obvious that detoxification is a key factor to ensure toxins are removed from the body to ensure the body does not build new tumors. It comes as no surprise that one (out of three) of the key reasons why 60% of stage 4 cancer patients that survived did detoxification.


  1. hi CT,
    in one of your latest posts you mentioned about purchasing a plastic tub for your bath. In singapore, there is an online shop that sells plastic bath tub for only about $199 SGD... am considering to buy one.. as I really had a good response in Epsom bath as well as baking soda bath. keep us updated.


  2. If tumors are the body's way of storing toxins for disposal for when the time is right to rid of themfrom the body. Then to help the body to detox you use any method to cleanse each vital organ. For yourself, why do u think after 1900 of coffee endmas and a number adjective therapies do u feel u r still a poor change of living? yes the cancer still there , yes, to pain. Yes, the cancer should be going by now( most r gone by now).

    IMO , you are doing well and u will.come good.

    After the boy is done with the zapper you should use it. Start testing your house using Dr. Clarke methods.

  3. hi CT and John,
    am also considering to buy a zapper. My mother is currently on day 11 of her colon cleansing/parasite removal protocol--and we are also making changes in our home one by one,such as cooking all grains (including rice) with Vitamin C powder, boiling our underwears (yes boiling!, changing our tooth brushes every month (also added oil pulling to kill bacterial infection), using baking soda for brushing teeth, using Dr. Bronner's soap for body and hair --- I am now also considering to send samples of our drinking water for analysis..

    do you have any recommendations for purchasing the zapper in either Singapore or JB, Malaysia? Any recommendation where to send our samples of our drinking water for testing? Btw we have Doulton Flouride and Chlorine Filters on our kitchen faucet.. but as per Hulda Clarke, this may not be enough..

    thanks guys in advance for your response.
    Last Monday, we also brought autistic children to watch Kung Fu panda the movie.. I was tempted to talk to the parents about chelation, but decided to keep my mouth shut..not sure if they are open to biomedical/alternative options to treat autism...

  4. Dear Lanie,

    As far as I know, there are no distributors in Malaysia. As for zappers, there are many types and brands (most will advertise as following Dr Hulda Clark's circuit design). I believe Dr Hulda Clark's Zapper Digital is one of the few zappers that allow you to program 10 frequencies. You may also want to read up on magnetic pulsers (recommended by as well.

    I read in Jim Humble's book The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century, he had successes in curing autistic children. The MMS therapy is not expensive at all to administer and you can read more at Part 1 of the book is available for free download.