Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Give Up Hope

Yesterday afternoon, I was really extreme tired. I was not feeling that good later in the afternoon. After my dinner about 8pm, I retired to bed and only slept past 10pm. I got up at 1am for night urine and then had my oatmeal super! My legs was feeling a little restless, so I massaged the legs.

Today was also a busy day for me and I only managed to update this blog when I was doing my coffee enema.

This evening, I am going for a follow-up with my TCM physician. I will ask for some medications on my restless legs problem.

Mohd Shafiq Update
This morning, we visited Shafiq. His condition has not been very good and he is a bit sensitive so much so that even touching his bed or the mattress, he can feel the vibration that will cause him pain. I was wondering how are we going to get him to do the coffee enema? I provided hands on explanation and demonstration every step of the way to show to the mother and Safiq's auntie, Roslini that doing coffee enema is very easy.

I suggested to Roslini, that he do the enema immediate after the morphine intake as I believe the pain will be minimal. After some coaxing from his mother, he was agreeable to give it a try. I then taught them how to prepare the enema solution. I decided to give Shafiq only half strength coffee enema. This means 1.5 tablespoons organic coffee and 16oz or 500ml of distill water. I also added 2 tablespoons potassium salt solution to lessen the effect of the colon spasm.

After his mother inserted the tube, Shafiq was complaining about the need to go toilet. So his mother had to pull out the tube and let him ease himself. Actually, this is a common reaction for first timers to coffee enema. I was worried that he would cry and refuse to carry on. Roslini told him that this is good for him to reduce pain and we were able to proceed. To my surprise, the flow of enema solution was very smooth and he was able to hold for 5 minutes or so. Shafiq's mother said the discharge was very smelly, a good sign. We recorded the entire event for future reference but it's a little too graphic to post on the blog.

I have recommended that they perform the enema at least 2 times daily, if possible to do 3 times daily. With some adequate preparation, we were able to complete the enema fully on bed as we are not able to move him due to the extreme pain that his is having. So, there is no excuse that a patient cannot do coffee enema just because he or she is bed ridden. We are not giving up hope on him. I believe this enema would help to reduce the pain in his body and at the same time slow down the growth of the tumors.


  1. CT,

    You are an inspiration !

    ps I would like to view the enema clip as I am seriously thinking about doing it.

    Thank you


  2. I am afraid, it's not possible because we filmed him naked and besides I still have to get permission. Definitely not for public viewing. It's really graphic and I know many will not be able to watch.

    I would suggest alternative coffee enema videos at Youtube such as and

    I know of many healthy people doing enemas (one of them over 10 years with over 1,000 enemas to her credit) and it's very safe. Even a sick person like me have done over 1,800 enemas in 22 months. Do remember, if you plan to do enemas, please ensure you drink back 3 cups of freshly pressed juices or restore minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

  3. hurray CT!! You are so brave!! Am glad you and his parents have not given up on him. I believe that all of us have a will to live-- even terminal patients like Mohd. The most excruciating thing for me to see is for terminal patients on conventional medicine to die in the arms of love ones-- who felt that there is nothing much they can do but watch him go... thanks for giving them hope.. thanks for trying for his behalf.. this is what is so humane about alternative medicine.. we dont just let people die because conventional medicince cannot do anything for him other than easing his pain through morphine.. am sending good vibes to you and Mohd.. keep it up!

  4. Can you tell me a bit more about your preparations that enabled you to do the complete enema on the bed? I have the same issue—due to pain, I can only lay on my left side in bed.