Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Am Doing Fine

Nothing much happened of late except for some pain around my ribs. Pain is a permanent feature of cancer patients, it's only the degree of pain. I have been doing fine in this area.

Don't want to make sleep an issue because I think it's improving. A reader recommended Zanaprin, a natural supplement and I did take an opportunity to read it. Although it says it's not addictive, I noted the website sells in one month to three month supply. Meaning you will be taking it everyday, there could be psychological dependence. I would not want to do that too. I prefer to treat the root cause and sleep naturally without any aid.

Some of my friends have been asking me how I am doing? I can't give a straight answer. This is because while I feel well, very little pain and I can eat and now sleep a lot better, I have not recovered. I am not in remission yet. Is no tumors = no cancer a good measurement?

I have done more than 1,800 coffee enemas to date. Over time, as the toxins are removed from the body, the coffee enema discharge gets milder in terms of odor. I have added Zeolite powder which contains potassium clinopolite zeolite in the early of May 2011 to detoxify heavy metals. I think it's doing a good job because the enema discharge is very pungent and I also noticed a top layer of film on the surface of my enema discharge.


  1. Hi CT

    Just discovered your blog and I like reading your blog. It'd be helpful if the background is in white and the words in black as I find that my eyes get tired very fast.

    May all blessings be yours.

    Thank you so much for the sharing.

  2. You are not the first to complain. I have tried various standard combinations presented by the template designer but the result is also not satisfactory.

    Anyway, I made the change. Please let me have your feedback.

  3. Chang,

    It does not really matter the colors, etc. What matters is that you like it...its you. Life is like that sometimes...we live according to the demands of others. What really matters is to live our live the best we can so that others accept us as we are in all its humility and simplicity. Distractions can confuse and result others not being able to appreciate us for who we are. Either way, its an openness on both ends that must learn acceptance.

    Wish you conitnue healing.