Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lost And Alone

The pain on my ribs on my right side just below the armpit has been giving me intermittent pain. The pain on my back below both my shoulder blades are also becoming worst. It reminded me of my early days when the tumors was discovered, only that during that time, the pain was the front ribs. Now, its concentrated on the side and my back. I have to use my hands to massage the affected area. I am thinking of using water tank for household use since I can't get a big enough size bath tub. I am long overdue for a bicarbonate dialysate bath. I don't like using pain killers. I have to manage this pain problem carefully for it could also disturb my sleep if the pain becomes more severe.

I don't know whether it's psychological or not but the liquid iron supplement seems to be helping. My sleeping has improved since then though it is not consistent that I can get a good night sleep every night. Yesterday, I woke up a few times and for most times, it was due to my restless legs. I have to massage it to get relief. Yesterday I took my TM herbs a little to late, just before I went to bed. As the herbs are warm, my body also feel warm after taking the herbs but not warm enough that I have to take cold showers to cool it down. However, it does shows up in my legs and I do use cold water to cool it down.

I have been receiving quite some emails from some readers whose love ones are diagnosed with cancer. They have requested for some advice from me. In most cases, the person has not much idea of alternative medicine and also most of the patients have undergone conventional treatment but it was not successful. Now they look towards alternative medicine as the miracle cure. I can provide information about certain treatments (especially if it's Gerson therapy because I know it so well) but I cannot make the decision for them. Even if I am a qualified therapist, I cannot make the decision for them, I can only recommend. To make matters worst, many of them have not read any books on alternative therapies and that makes it even more difficult for them to begin in the first place. You are lost and alone. But it don't have to be that way. I can only say, please invest in a book and read to gain the confidence. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to provide whatever information I can.

I would like to recommend that readers read Lothar Hirneise's book Chemotherapy Cures Cancer and The World Is Flat. This book should be read before a patient decides to go for any treatment. You will still benefit from reading this book should you decide to go for conventional treatment because you can now ask relevant questions that the doctors don't tell you. This is unlike other alternative cancer therapies books that I read. It's written with conviction and not a compilation of alternative therapies. It's not just a condemnation of the big pharmaceutical companies or the existing medical systems for cancer treatment but where it has gone wrong and that we can break away from that system by taking alternative treatment as first choice without fear. It's goes deep into each type of cancer treatments and why conventional treatment would not work. It then develops its own treatment program backed by existing literature and working with world famous alternative cancer doctors into its own alternative program called the 3E program; Energy, Eat and Elimination (detoxification). Detail information is written about this program. So this book is not just theoretical. The author runs a alternative clinic in Stuttgart, Germany. Doctors hate him because he challenges them to show medical records who has more successes in treating terminal cancer patients. Guess what? Conventional medical doctors dare not take up the challenge. We are all sucked into this crap about clinical trials yet he shows how many researches have fake the data in their studies and yet treatments based on those studies are still continuing. The researches/doctors were not charged for any wrongdoing!

Another Rare Astronomical Event
Something I read in BBC and would like to share with you.

Astronomers from the University of Warwick have spied a star's swan song as it is shredded by a black hole. I have seen it in an episode of Stargate SG1 what a black holes can do theoritically (in that episode, it was a planet) but to actually see (as an image) a star that is being drag into a black hole is a rare event. These black holes only become visible when an object such as a star is pulled in. If this happens, the star becomes elongated, first spreading out to form a "banana shape" before its inner edge - orbiting faster than the outer edge - pulls the star into a disc-shape that wraps itself around the hole.

As material drops into the black hole it becomes compressed and releases radiation that is usually visible from Earth for a month or so. Events like these, termed mini-quasars, are incredibly rare - researchers expect one every hundred million years in any one galaxy.

The researchers used some of most powerful ground-based and space-based observatories - the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Gemini and Keck Telescopes.

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