Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taking A Break

Thanks to a reader, Seng Swee whom emailed me a list of healing reaction for taking the Sabah Snake Grass (SSG). At least I know, some of the problems including difficulty in sleeping and week legs that I experienced are healing reactions. Not surprising, the healing reactions are classified according to the different type of sickness (not just limited to cancers). Kidney cancer is not listed. However, the problem of excess phlegm discharge is not listed in the documentation and after consulting another SSG expert in Johore, I was told of the following:

1. Take ginger tea (only ginger boiled with water) two hours after taking SSG.
2. Consume SSG by 12noon
3. If the ginger tea does not help, then reduce SSG dosage by one (eg if taking twice a day, then take only once now)
4. If that did not help, then reduce SSG by one dosage until stop and take a break of three(3) days before resuming. When resuming always start with one dose a day slowly increasing depending on how the body reacts.

I believe this is a good approach because no matter how good SSG maybe, if the person consuming it is having lots of healing reaction that may also affect the health, unless it can be moderated, it's also harming the patient. I would stop taking. Remember primum non nocere (first do no harm)? Otherwise, it would be just like chemotherapy, killing cancer cells as well as harming the body at the same time though not in the same degree of intensity.

Yesterday, I took the ginger tea two hours after the SSG and true enough, the amount of phlegm and my coughing started to slow down. I also applied tiger balm on my throat and on my toes (as suggested by some readers). However, the ginger tea caused me to have slight acid reflux problem. I have not fully recovered from my acid reflux problem yet, so solving one area causes problem in another area. I was very tired by then, so I just took out a sleeping pill and slept like a baby for the rest of the night. I thought have a good rest first. Woke up 9am and still feel not rested enough.

It's also the start of the two weeks school holidays. So, I am also taking a break from blogging and will take a three (3) days break to rejuvenate myself. I will resume on Wednesday, 8th June.


  1. Hi CT,

    Happy for you ! Pray for you to continue to heal ...


  2. Hi CT,

    Good to hear that.. Enjoy your holiday and take care


  3. Hi CT,
    It has been a long time since I last posted a comment on your blog. I am happy to know that you didn't go for conventional treatments. I know of many cancer patients who went for conventional treatments died within the first year of treatment. Those who survived the first year, had recurrent during the 2-5 years and died. Only a small percentage survived more than 5 years. Most of those who survived, shifted to natural treatments, change to healthy diet and lifestyle.
    I have been coaching many cancer patients, and majority of them are recovering. Some them have their tumours reduced to half the size within 1 month and for some the tumours couldn't be detected after 2 months.
    The reasons for the speedy recovery are due detoxification (bowel, parasites, gallbladder and liver cleanse) enema, deep breathing exercise, drinking herbal, fruits and vegetables juices, eating healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle.
    Some people can take SSG and food without causing acid reflux and "cooling effect" because their bowel/gut is not compacted and their digestion is good. A compacted colon and poor digestion cause the food to stay longer in the stomach and when they are fermented, putrified or turned rancid, it will cause acid reflux (GERD). Poor digestion is usually due to unhealthy diet, poor eating habits, lack of hydrochloric acid, pectin and enzymes.
    A good detoxification program can help to solve a lot of chronic diseases e.g. cancer, heart diseases. The most important part of the detoxification is to flush out the gallbladder and the liver stones. This will allow the liver and the gallbladder to perform more than 500 of its functions.
    I give free health talk on chronic diseases and if you are interested you can email me for more information about my next talk. My email is or visit my blog: for health articles.
    May the rest of your life be the best of your life.