Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slowly But Surely

I managed to fall asleep at past 5am on Monday morning and slept for over two hours. This morning I did better sleeping at about 2am and waking up at 8.00am. I am happy with the turnaround of my insomnia. In order to improve my chances of sleeping, I used a hand held electric tapper to massage both my legs especially in the evening and just before I sleep. Restless legs can make me feel really uncomfortable when lying down in bed. I wanted to sleep longer this morning but I have an appointment with my TCM physician in the morning and will be rushing off shortly to see him in down town.

I believe the improvements came about from changes that I made to my therapy, taking in of Iron supplements, psychological support from friends and readers and the unrelentless encouragement of a close friend. Thank you all.

Mohd Shafiq Update

Following my June 8 post regarding the purchase of presents for Mohd Shafiq, I would appreciate if the donors (Gan and anonymous @ 6.55pm) who did not contact me by email, please contact me (jchangct@gmail.com) so that I can email you the bank account details. Please bank in the money directly into his account so that his mother can buy the presents for him on your behalf.

Thank you for your generosity.


  1. what is a electric tapper?

  2. I have updated with a photograph of the actual hand held electric massager. It provides tapping action that relaxes the muscles, aches and pain.