Monday, June 20, 2011

No Sleep

My sleeping pattern is like a yo-yo. One night it would be good and another night, sigh. I don't look forward to nightfall. You may say I am beaten psychologically. It's no fun sitting in the dark and passing time. Everything seems to slowdown. I spend a lot of time massaging my legs in the middle of the night. It's not improving and I have to massage harder to bring relief. After that, I would just lie on the couch trying to rest. Last night, I felt restless and frustrated.

I think my TCM medication is also causing me some difficulty to sleep because I feel the warmness in my whole body, more so on my legs that make me feel uncomfortable. The relief method taught by my teacher is not helpful, so I will stop taking the medication. I will have to feedback this reaction so that my TCM physician will have to adjust the type of herbs given to me the next time.

At 4am, I was listening to Sodagreen's Wu Mian (無眠) (No Sleep) Hokkien edition of a very sentimental song and the first three lines of the song seems to echo how I feel:

Today's moon is so bright.
It shine onto us and makes us unable to sleep the whole night.
Even the hair is not able to rest.

It was a warm night. In an effort to calm the mind, I would normally listen to some sentimental music in various languages. Incidentally, there is an Indonesian number (Mimpi Sedih or Sad Dream) that I like quite a lot and even Teresa Teng did a cover version of it. It was the theme song from the 1973 movie Akhir Sebuah Impian or End A Dream, a moving love story. I like good music, whatever language it may be in. It makes my mind soft, into a more relax mood, hopefully sleep. I applied some Chinese wind oil on both my legs and now having my oatmeal breakfast. After that, I am going to bed.

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  1. CT,

    Thanks for sharing the Malay songs link.

    Bet you will also remember this one, Belaian Jiwa, Soul Indulgence, a remake by Innuendo.