Monday, November 29, 2010

You Are Not Alone

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
Aldous Huxley

The last few days I have been running around and as a result, I was very tired. I have been resting and need more rests to prepare for my long journey to US/Mexico.

In the course of the week, I also met two cancer patients. One is a Malay gentleman in his 40s. He has a 10cm left kidney tumor and seems to have spread to the chest. The doctors have recommended surgery and I believe he is now recovering in hospital. It would be good for me to follow up on this case and see how he recovers from the surgery. He is taking the CA Care herbs. The other is a lady from Saudi Arabia, in her 30s. My neighbour has requested me to talk to her about Gerson Therapy. She has breast cancer and have spread to the lungs. Her right hand is swollen and she feels a lot of pain. She has been in Malaysia for four months now and she is all alone. Yes, one person in a far away land and she is dead against surgery and chemotherapy. Yet at the same time she has no idea what alternative therapy to take. Poor women.

Cost Of Treatment @ Gerson Clinic
Some of my friends are wondering how much will I be spending at the Gerson Clinic? Well, to me, the cost seems reasonable considering other forms of alternatives and of course conventional treatment. The clinic charges US$5,500 per week for a minumum of two week's stay. That would mean approximately RM35K for me. Well it's cheaper than Sutent or any chemotherapy. Also cheaper than some of the alternative therapies that I know of. Everything is being provided at the clinic; food, medical, doctors, accomodation and the environment for healing. It's about the same price that I would have to pay for removing my kidney tumor by surgery.

Of course there are other expenses like airfare and personal expenses. Well all in I budgeted for RM50K. It's a lot of money for me but this is also to buy a hope for myself. Gerson Clinic has very good results. My own self administered Gerson Therapy also allowed me to live for about 15 months now, much to my doctors' amazement.

I think many cancer patients have said it and I will not be the last. Cancer treatment is a very expensive especially by conventional means. Alternative therapies is cheaper but then I also know of some alternative therapies that are as expensive as conventional treatment. The more desperate the patient is, the more money he/she will spend.


  1. Chang,

    Just want to share an extract of the writings of Thomas Merton with you:

    “The fullness of human life cannot be measured by anything that happens only to the body. Life is not merely a matter of physical vigor, or of health, or of the capacity to enjoy oneself. What is life? It is something far more than the breath in our nostrils, the blood beating on our wrists, the response to physical stimulation. True, all these things are essential for a fully human life, but they do not themselves constitute that life in all its fullness. A man can have all these and still be an idiot. And one who merely breathes, eats, sleeps and works, without awareness, without purpose and without ideas of his own is not really a man. Life, in this purely physical sense, is merely the absence of death. Such people do not live, they vegetate. …Man, then, can only fully be said to be alive when he becomes plainly conscious of the real meaning of his own existence… Man is truly alive when he is aware of himself as the master of his own destiny to life or to death, aware of the fact that his ultimate fulfillment or destruction depends on his own free choice…”

    You, my friend, are truly bursting with life and the honesty and openness of your sharing will give many others inspiration to not waste their life away.

    In losing your life, you have found true life and perhaps touched many others. This alone is a legacy from a simple man.

    May you have a safe trip, peace and healing, in all ways. The hope that you carry in your heart will surely sustain you.


  2. Dear Edward,

    It's nice meeting you back again after such a long time and thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement.

    Cancer survival statistics are nothing by law of averages and does not represent an individual's ability to overcome extreme adversity.

    This cancer journey has taken me to unchartered waters. I believe so long one does not give up hope, one can change his destiny.